Emily in Paris “Review”

Sex and the City creator Darren Star has come up with a new American drama series Emily in Paris. A tour to the French capital, fashion and food with charming handsome men, cheers to wine releases on 2nd October, on Netflix. In this pandemic where we all are caged in our places, this series is the best way to experience Paris streets and romantic dates.

The main character of the series is Emily Cooper (Lily Collins) who shifted her life from Chicago to Paris. Everything comes in an unexpected way so, does happens with Emily. She has never thought that she will live outside Chicago. The reason for shifting is her job in the capital where she has to serve a French company with American business strategy. As the country changes, language also changes. She faces some unwelcoming sort of thing because of the language barrier at her workplace. Beside of the colleagues, there are many more characters like a strict boss, amiable friends, a fashion designer with moody-mood others you can check out in the drama. We can see Emily deliver work with her Persian and midwestern ethics. And her one colleague also tells her that they work to live and American live to work. The Paris series shows how to cope up with the changing environment. Emily is an ambitious and optimistic girl. She is a brave girl and can face all the dilemmas that will smash on her. The director Darren Star has made the show with a lighter tone, sanguine outlook and fulgent. We all know that Paris is a city of romance. So, how a pretty girl like Emily can’t have a romantic adventure in Paris? Well, she has many romantic dates in the city and she is confused among all. Her biggest dilemma is with whom she has to spend her night. She can’t decide between her dates.

Actress Lily Collins has truly killed the character with her talent and pretty looks. She is totally fitting in Emily’s character. She looks totally elegant in her evening dresses. To sum up, her fashion sense adds a plus to the character. With good character and elegant visual, the show is totally watchable in this pandemic. The show was made on Paramount Network but in a manner to increase the stuff on Netflix, it is pushed to this platform in the summers.

So to bind up we can say that Emily in Paris is a total mixture of the tour to Paris, beers, wines, dates and some fashion talks. It teaches us to accept the change and live life to the fullest. Culture clashing can occur with anyone. We should not lose hope. There are some God’s people on the Earth to help us out and they will be our 2AM friends.

 This pandemic if you want to go for some elegant and enjoyable stuff then I will totally recommend you Emily in Paris. For me it is a total thumbs up to the series.

Go and watch “Emily in Paris” is streaming on Netflix.

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