Diversity is one of the salient features of Indian Democracy Which is often characterized as Unified Diversity. India had a long and rich history of assimilation of different communities, cultures, and traditions that came to top India through borders and waterways. No other country around the world has such diversity in terms of caste, color culture, religion, language, region, customs, etc. Where linguistics and religious diversity is common around the world, diversity based on caste and Varna is unique to India.

Along with enjoying the melody of diversity, a large section of People around India, commit discrimination against another. The discrimination is sometimes based on religion, caste, varna, and sometimes on a linguistic and regional basis too. The communal riot of 1984, 2001, and the very recent riot in Delhi are a blot on Indian Diversity. People inside India are still against inter-caste and inter-religion marriage. People feel proud of saying themselves as Brahmans or from any top hierarchical community. The socio-economic condition of vulnerable is connected with their inherent low IQ as they have got their origination from Brahma’s feet, according to sacrosanct Vedas.

Linguistic nationalism is still prevalent in Indian society, people are unlikely to accept a common identity in terms of language and connect their language identity with their Fundamental Right. Students and workers from different states get ill-treatment and partiality in the form of reservation, quota, scholarship, low wages, and other basic facilities. There is no need to mention a particular state whereas we are discoursing about India as a whole. India is a diversified Democracy but we must not neglect the Discrimination that this Diversity brings to us. Now let’s move towards Unity.

Is India really more United than America? The recent murder of George Floyd by American Cop outraged the public and compelled them to come on roads and express their aggression. Black as well as White came and fought the battle for Democracy and Rights. They collectively expressed that Black lives matter. But what in the case of India? Have anyone witnessed that one community has ever protested for the sake of the interest of others. Have Brahmans ever fought for the protection of the rights of SCs and STs(against for sure when SCs and STs were provided reservation)? Have Hindus or Muslims fought for each other?

This is about social groups what about the economically different groups? Here also we get an unpleasant experience. We need not go far away for the evaluation. The recent reverse migration of thousands of workers is the best example, Which created a huge buzz around social media. There are two striking things about their suffering. One is there was no public outcry over such human tragedy and another is that victims themselves choose to be docile and suffered in silence. This is how Diversity and Democracy of India work. Being a multi-faceted diversified nation India has a great challenge to protect the rights of each person from each section of the society and in this way the attitude of people towards the right of every individual and their zeal in making Democracy more mature plays an important role.

Definitely, India is far behind in terms of Democracy than the USA but there is a possibility and hope that instead of looking behind we will keep going ahead.

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