Craving for Some Tempting Dishes?

Tempting Dishes, Most of us are missing the restaurant food and are consumed with fear to order online. Why not try our hands in our own kitchens? Here are 5 dishes that you must try to make in order to satiate your cravings.


1. Chilli Chicken
Want an Indo-Chinese flavour experience? Try making Chilli Chicken. Chilli chicken is made with crispy chicken chunks which are lightly tossed in a spicy chilli sauce. If you are vegetarian then you can replace the chicken and add paneer or tofu. A spicy and crispy food lover must definitely try this dish!


2. Wheat Dosa and Sambar
Also known as Godhuma dosa, it is a thin instant crepe made with whole wheat flour, onion, herbs and spices. For attaining a good texture, you can add rava to it. Don’t forget to make it crisp or it will taste similar to a chapatti. Serve the dosa along with coconut chutney or perhaps make sambar which is a lentil stew along with a blend of spices. This is a simple yet extremely dishes for all the south Indian cuisine lovers!


3. Paneer Butter Masala
Paneer Butter Masala is one of the most popular vegetarian dishes from Indian cuisine. This creamy dish is made up of cottage cheese in a tomato, cashew and butter sauce. Accompany the dish with a garlic nan or jeera rice to enhance the deliciousness.


4. Chicken Korma
 Prepared by marinating and then braising meat in a yogurt or cream base, Chicken Korma is a perfect dish for the people who adore non-spicy food. The traditional dish’s curry can be prepared in just 45 minutes and is super tasty!


5. Biryani
Biryani is one of the most liked dishes in South-Asian cuisine. This dish is a blend of rice, meat, vegetables, and spices. It is highly popular in the Muslim community and regionally in Hyderabad. Make Raita or Lassi get the perfect combination. You could view Biryani as Indian Fried Rice!


6. Dum Aloo
Kashmiri Dum Aloo is a flavourful and creamy dish that u will be utterly hooked to. It is a dish in which potatoes are simmered in a spicy yogurt-based gravy. Serve it with rice, naan or roti!

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