Anurag Basu’s Multi star cast release LUDO

Ludo is a game where it doesn’t matter who wins, in the end they all have to accomplish one goal “THE HOUSE”

This year due to the pandemic we all relived our childhood; whether by spending times with our near and dear ones and remembering the good old days or by enjoying ancient games like carom, ludo and cards with family. With the time come closer to bid good bye 2020, Anurag Basu has introduced us with his Anthology dark comedy crime movie “LUDO”.

The story has multiple layers and they are perfectly linked with each other just like the game of Ludo with four teams. Individuals from the cast, including Pankaj Tripathi, Abhishek Bachchan, Rajkummar Rao, Aditya Roy Kapur, and Fatima Sana Sheik, get into an assortment of circumstances where they run into one another ways, rather like the tokens in ludo. One character says: “Life is ludo, and ludo is life.” There are not many Bollywood producers who can do foolish as Anurag Basu does. Life is ludo, and ludo is life, pronounces a character in Basu’s most recent, and the game starts.

Let’s meet the group. First up, local crowd manager Sattu Bhaiyya (Tripathi), and his previous partner Bittoo (Bachchan). Professional comedian Akash (Roy Kapoor), and have-groom-will-wed going to-be-lady Shruti (Malhotra). Low maintenance restaurateur, full-time Mithun fan Alok urf Aloo (Rao), and the adoration for his life, Pinky (Shaikh). Humble community fella Rahul (Saraf), and sweet-nurture on-the-run Sreeja (Maaney) among others. This is the sort of film where you are intended to expect the unforeseen, odd turn’s segueing into insane turns.  

Ludo, A few individuals from this gathering cast give a serious level of delight. Tripathi-the-wear, weapon tied on high on the thigh, is on the highest point of his game, albeit directly about now is a decent an ideal opportunity for him to begin breaking out of the lasting criminal-mobster trap. Rajkummar Rao wins love away, once more: his job, a sad aashiq who is an ’emosional phool’, is a beaut, and he does full equity to it. There are additionally a few minutes in their ‘we know however they don’t realize that they are made for one another’ track, which Roy Kapoor and Malhotra fill. There’s additionally the person who is having it off with another lady however anticipates that his better half should save him from his inconveniences. He’s a decent one. Also, as the straight-talking attendant who falls for a totally unseemly individual, Shalini Vatsa is a pleasure.

Ludo, All things considered, in this season of the crown, the infection finding a noteworthy notice in the film, we could do with some playing around, regardless of whether it loosens in bits. A six can be a nine, and truly, a strike can take you directly to the doors of paradise. Toss that dice.

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