Today, who doesn’t know about the United Nations. It’s probably the only reason World War 3 hasn’t occurred till now. But have you ever wondered how this huge global organization keeps us safe? Here is all you need to know about the United Nations.

The United Nations or the “UN” is an intergovernmental organization which was made for 4 purposes-

  • To maintain international peace and security
  • to cooperate in solving international problems and in promoting respect for human rights
  • to develop friendly relations among nations
  • and to be a center for harmonizing the actions of nations

The United Nations was born on 24th October 1945 when the UN Charter was signed by the founding 50 member states. It succeeded the League of Nations and aimed at preventing future Wars World War 2. Every member state, regardless of its political, social, and economic situation has a voice and vote in the United States. All members of the United Nations have the follow the rules and guidelines stated in the UN Charter. According to the charter, it has the following objectives- maintaining international peace and security, protecting human rights, delivering humanitarian aid, promoting sustainable development, and upholding international law.

The United Nations is not controlled by any one nation, it is an international zone and belongs to all of its member states. Its only source of income is the 193 countries part of it, their contribution depends on their economic capability. The United Nations is made up of 6 principal organs-

The United Nations General Assembly
It is the main deliberative assembly of the United Nations composed of all member states which discuss issues that affect the whole international community like international peace and security, budgetary members, and admission of new members. It has 6 committees-

  • First Committee (Disarmament and International Security)
  • Second Committee (Economic and Financial)
  • Third Committee (Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural)
  • Fourth Committee (Special Political and Decolonization)
  • Fifth Committee (Administrative and Budgetary)
  • Sixth Committee (Legal)

The United Nations Security Council
Other Organs of the UN can only make recommendations to member states, the UNSC’s decisions are actually binding, that its members have to follow them. It is charged with maintaining peace and security and is made up of 5 permanent members- the United States, the United Kingdom, China and Russia, and 10 non-permanent members who change every 2 years and are selected by the UNGA.

The United Nations Secretariat
Headed by the Secretary-General, the UN Secretariat is responsible for providing information and facilities needed by the UN bodies for their meetings. The Secretary-General is appointed by the UNGA and acts as the leader of the United Nations. The current Secretary-General is António Guterres.

The Trusteeship Council
It was made to ensure that the trust territories were administered with the best interests of the inhabitants in mind. Since all these territories became independent, today it exists in name only.

The International Court of Justice
The ICJ is the primary judicial body of the UN located in the Netherlands. It is composed of 15 judges who are appointed for a term of 9 years and hears cases related to war crimes, ethnic cleansing, and other international issues.

The Economic and Social Council
The ECOSOC is responsible for assisting the UNGA in promoting international economic and social development.

Today, the United Nations is an important force for peace and development, though it has been criticized for some of its actions, it still plays a vital role as the platform for international cooperation.

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