Wellbeing, both physical and mental OPTIMUM are very intricately woven together. They’re related and codependent in a way that is absurd to the common mind. Kimberly Friedmutter, a renowned board-certified hypnotherapist discusses the relationship between our three components, body, mind, and soul. She explains how problems that may seem to be solely related to our body could have roots in our psyche.

A guideline to overall optimum health by Kimblerly friedmutter-NewsORB360

• Mind over body-
“Mind over body” is a term she reiterates OPTIMUM, and it means, an acknowledgment that most roots of our physical problems lie in our mind may lead us to heal it.

She gives an example of one of her patients and say, “Claire came to see me after almost a year of struggling through menopause symptoms that nothing seemed to alleviate. She used hypnosis to tune into her body and determine if her symptoms were something she might be able to calm down on her own. Once she stopped resisting the hot flashes, moodiness, and trouble sleeping OPTIMUM, the symptoms began to settle down. For Claire, her resistance was stoking her hormonal imbalances. The concept of mind over body control helped her ease the pain caused by the menopause symptoms.”

A guideline to overall optimum health by Kimblerly friedmutter-NewsORB360

• Dependence on our illness-
She then talks about a psychological dilemma that we face when we correlate our mental peace and happiness to a physical illness.

She gives an example of a patient who complained OPTIMUM about his back pain but correlated the happiness he got from physical therapy to his disease. He convinced his mind that the disease gave him an opportunity for physical therapy which gave him happiness, hence he was dependent on his disease for happiness. He basically started enjoying and learned to live with the pain instead of fighting it. “Mind over body” taught him to acknowledge his problem as something he needs to get rid of and not accept it as a “reason for happiness” because no one should need a disease in order to enjoy life.

A guideline to overall optimum health by Kimblerly friedmutter-NewsORB360

• How to activate your psyche?-
She provides a 5 step activity to seek our subconsciousOPTIMUM and acknowledge the diseases we are ignoring or depending upon as an excuse. By activating our psyche we will actually “mind over body” and pull out the roots of diseases and eventually heal it. This is the first step to hypnosis.

A guideline to overall optimum health by Kimblerly friedmutter-NewsORB360

• “Louise Hay’s Symptom List”
Friedmutter informs us that Louise Hay was the first person to derive a relationship between mind and body. He gave a list of symptoms or areas in our body that are connected to certain emotions. She uses the list to help us understand our minds more. For example;
“Acne: Not accepting the self. Dislike of the self.”

A guideline to overall optimum health by Kimblerly friedmutter-NewsORB360

• Importance of being aware of our body and it’s changes-
Next, she explains the importance of keeping your mind in sync with your body. For that, she gives a couple of questions that will tell OPTIMUM us whether we’re in sync or not. She explains when we acknowledge the body and understand it deeply we’ll be aware of even the subtlest change in it. And that, in turn, will help us heal the problem that may have caused the change in our body “The surprise is not the actual diagnosis; the surprise is that we are unaware of our bodies and changes to them. When we use our subconscious power to stay tuned in to our bodies, its shifts, and changes, then it’s easier to keep our health in alignment.

However, when your subconscious and your conscious mind are out of balance, you will not look or feel your best.”

• How to gain the perfect health-
In the following paragraphs, she gives detailed instructions on how to maintain a healthy life, both physical and mental. She speaks on.

“Know your body”, “Hypnotic hacks”, “Importance of fitness”, “The pillars of self-care”, “Sleep well”, “Eat Well” and “Move well”

A guideline to overall optimum health by Kimblerly friedmutter-NewsORB360

Through the aforesaid steps, we can grow into a balanced, healthy aware body. By eating well, sleeping well, working out, staying positive,OPTIMUM and catering to self-care we can reach the epitome of health.

Kimberly Friedmutter has delved deep into the perfect understanding between mind and body and has cracked the code in maintaining optimum health through it. We as readers have a thousand and one things to learn from her and be grateful for the insight.

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