“Nobody ever changes the world on 40 hours of the week” these are the words of multi-billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk. He runs two of the most successful companies of the time Tesla and SpaceX that also juggles travels, interviews, and family of five teenage sons on a daily basis. It’s no secret that Elon Musk full fill ventures build on hard work, defecation, and smart decision making. What is to that see how one of the most influential men in the world organizes his time and manages to draw everything into a seemingly impossible schedule.

Morning Routine
It seems to be a great divide between business tycoons as how much sleep is needed to stay top of there game. He says 6 hours is his sweet spot although he doesn’t rise early as we might think. After a long hard day of work, he says that he often only gets to the bed often past midnight. So usually sets the alarm for 7 AM, as we might think that he does exercise, or dip into coffee or sick with the newspaper after waking up but however Musk prefers to watch what he called critical email for the first half-hour of the consciousness.

He said that he does what is exactly essential emails, and why he needs to address them so early in the day. Most of them are to confirm daily meetings to give the green light on project milestones. All the structure of the day he prefers to set right in the morning to meeting and suggestions or any question he needed to address related to his plan. According to him, this helps him to manage the amount of time indulging in that project. Before reaching the office all the necessary things to do are left.

Once the emails are checked off the list Musk likes to get his morning routine into full swing by taking his much anticipated daily shower, Musk prefers his shower to be hot with such a hectic schedule something as simple as a daily basis shower can make a great moment of peace and a break away from the constant noise of emails, texts, and phone calls. Elon usually skips breakfast in favor of some more email checking before getting his shoes on ready for the school run. Usually, he grab something light to eat which should consume less time to eat or he’ll probably skip breakfast.

School Run
You might find it odd that man worth 36.7 billion Dollars would be doing the school run himself. But it’s not all that strange when you find out that his five boys school at his SpaceX campus. In 2014 Musk pulled out all of his children out of their private educations and co-founded an entirely new school for them to attend. He didn’t believe in the current schooling system in the US adequate or effective so he decided to design one for himself calling it Ad Astra School after the Latin phrase for “to the stars”. The school has just 30 students mostly made up of SpaceX employees children.

When the kids are sorted its time for him to get into the business as he is notoriously dedicated to his work. Musk does not skip on the hours although he did priorities working equally smart as he does hard. In the early years of Tesla and SpaceX Musk report working up to 180 hours a week which sometimes saw him catching his rest on the factory floor. That schedule took a toll on his mental state and general health for obvious reasons so now he sticks around 80-90 hours a week maximum. Now, this is still double the average of 40 hours a week most people do. To make his working weeks more manageable he choose to part his time into 5 minutes slots. He says many people would be surprised at how much they could achieve in such a small amount of time when they give the task at hand 100% of there attention. Musk’s split his workweek between both of his companies spending Mondays and Fridays at SpaceX and Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at Tesla.

After skipping breakfast he still has a small stomach because he still sticks to the 5-minute rulemaking his hands on quickly at anything he can. Mostly he eat during meeting weather an omelet, salad or few slices of pizza.

Talking about meetings he regularly stops at various of his team taking a large proportion of musk’s day so he said that he divides the rules of the meeting that he follows religiously.

Rule 1 – No large meetings: musk’s believes strongly in only having a certain people to attend the meeting and said most includes 4-5 peoples at a maximum.

Rule 2 – If you are not adding value to a meeting, leave: It might sound a little extreme and rude but he sees it is quite opposite. He says it’s not rude to leave the meeting but is rude to make someone’s day or time wasted.

Rule 3 – No frequent meetings: It does seem hypocritical but musk’s values his time, he won’t want to waste even a second of it on unnecessary activities. Meeting should be reserved for high priority issues and once the matter is resolved meetings should be done.

Other work
While he is a big part of both of his companies Tesla and SpaceX branding, Elon Musk is a man of both Ideas and applications. Despite what many people think Musk spends the majority of his time physically working on his ideas like designing and engineering to further enhance his project.

When it’s finally time to set over the clock usually be ticking around 1:00 am then it’s 6 hours of sleep to get back in the very next day. He has been following this routine for years. It certainly playoffs the efforts, Elon Musk is the most successful entrepreneur out there.

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