10 lakh jobs farm loan will be waived off: RJD manifesto

(RJD) Rashtriya Janata Dal which head the opposition grand alliance coalition in the Bihar election released its Manifesto on Saturday for Bihar bol giving a promise of 10 lakh jobs and the loans of the farmer will be waived off this RJD Manifesto was released by the Tejasvi Yadav at a Press Conference in the Party office. The cover page the manifesto displayed a photograph of Mahatma Gandhi, B R Ambedkar, freedom fighter Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad, socialist veterans Ram Manohar Lohiya and KA Puri Thakur Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Narayan among others but it does not have a photo of the parties founder and its charismatic leader well-known Lalu Prasad.

There is a message from Prasad in the document in which he highlighted how his party government in the past for the battle to ensure Social justice for the downtrodden and brought Bihar back on the path with development Lalu Prasad is in jail in Ranch. In convention with four cases of multi-crore rupees fodder scam also made a scattering attack on Rival NDA government in the state saying that there is no job atrocities against women have increased and happiness is missing from the face of the farmers. RJD Rashtriya Janata Dal vision document also hit out at BJP Bharatiya Janata party for trying to fool people by announcing 19 lakh job in the state Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has been raising the doubts on a promise of providing 10 lakh jobs so how his future government will fulfil the declaration of 19 lakh jobs Tejaswi Yadav questioned.it announced that it would give priority to the agriculture industry and education if voted to power the operation chief ministerial candidate a complaint by the state party president Jagdanand Singh and its national spokesman Manoj Jha will give 10 lakh jobs replying to the queries To (Kumar )about the source of finance for the 10 lakh job this week that that that annual budget is around 2.5 lakh crore out of which government can spend only 60% of the budget and the rest of around 80,000 crores can be utilised by the competent government for people’s welfare.

Manifesto stressed on increasing income for farmers and waving (KCC )Kisan credit card loan taken by the cultivators kill 2020 it also what the purchase of grains from the farmers at and in hand minimum support price (MSP )that would include bonus it was a promise to fill vacancies teachers in the schools of War footing and help to go education.

For the party declared that party headed to the government would increase the budget on education around 22 % of the total butter Tejaswi Yadav said if voted to power they would promote investment into the state for setting up the industry for that citizen of the state are not first to migrate outside they also promise Computer training to the citizens in every panchayat of free of cost international level sports University would also be established in the state said its Manifesto regarding Bihar Poll.

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