Who We Are… What We Are…

Woke up for work after a long holiday,
Stepped out of room for fresh air,
Shit, what happened to its quality?

Taking out the car out of the garage,
The mirror while looking back for view said,
“Its all a mirage”.
Had it on the radio,
Smog is all over,
People being asked,
Will this turn over?

Had it in the offices,
What’s the reason?
“I am so not”,
Said the season.
Debates on the news,
Dinner table conversations,
“Couldn’t even see the road ya”,
Said all the people.

Wait, the elections are coming?
Let’s use this in the portfolio,
So many votes,
Tickets free for the solos!

Aren’t we all the criminals,
Aren’t we all to be blamed,
Taking out personal vehicles,
Because otherwise,
Wouldn’t it be such a shame?

Going for long drives,
Polluting the surroundings,
Killing the animals,
Only for the fame.

We are all to be blamed for,
All did the deeds.
All are the criminals,
All are the mischieve.

We all are the Hitlers,
We all are the refugees.
Killing each other,
For self-greed and deeds.

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