When a century old tradition become a curse for you- Kaali Khuhi

When all of us expected Bulbul to be a horror genre, we never knew it turns out to be something which was mocking the age-old tradition following a horrific incident. It seems like the saga has not ended here but now the Netflix has come up with something interesting which is Kaali Khuhi.

With an amazing cast of Shabana Azmi, Leela Samson, Sanjeeda Sheikh, and Satyadeep Mishra the show is ready to trigger you horrify you and make you suspicious this Halloween.  The film centres around a family compelled to move back to their hereditary town, clearly to care for the spouse’s weak mother. However, this simple reason to go on a trip back to their home town resulted in some shocking events that bring back a curse. A curse which is nothing but the age-old tradition of Female Infanticide follows in the village. The scream of a little girl saying “I saw  …a  …girl” will make you more suspicious of what the story holds. It is said that the case of the film is more horrific than the genre of the film. It can be said that it is a new perspective to see the horrific crimes in the name of tradition is done in our society.

It will be interesting to see those issues that the subject of the film will touch upon. It is rightly said that art imitates life and making films like these, prove the statement right. It acts as a mirror to society. While watching these movies that audience might look down upon. But we should never forget that actually, it is their deeds that these visuals are depicting.

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