On the one side where almost all the countries of the world are facing this pandemic, the condition of this pandemic is more pathetic in India with more than 1,20,000 cases. While the country is trying to overcome this virus, Maharashtra is the most affected state with the highest number of active cases. It has confirmed about 3,000 fresh cases on Friday which is highest in any state so far. The pandemic has created a collapse in the Indian economy affecting each and every sector. The virus has left the country’s health system overwhelmed.


This can be understood through a recent example of Maharashtra where a COVID-19 patient has to walk for about 7 hours from his home to reach the hospital at Dombivli in thane district when he was informed that there is no availability of ambulance to take him to the hospital. This incident took place on Thursday, also the video of a man walking to the hospital
also went viral on social media. Commissioner of Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation (KDMC), Dr. Suryavanshi said he has taken sight of the incident and ordered an inquiry into it.

In a video, Suryavanshi said, the person identified in the video works at a leading hospital in Mumbai. He himself tested positive, he called up Shashtri Nagar hospital in Dombivli for an ambulance, in response hospital staff said to him that there is no ambulance available. So, the patient decided to walk the hospital asked the commissioner he said he has pressed 33 ambulances in service. He said he has ordered the officials to inquire about what actually happened in the case so that the appropriate action will be taken.


He also stated the patient is undergoing treatment, he should be waited instead of walking to the hospital. He also added, there was never a complaint of non-availability of the ambulance and all our are alert in dealing with coronavirus cases. Meanwhile, India has witnessed the highest number of cases in the last 24 hours adding to the total count of 1,25,101 cases today. It has also claimed 137 lives on Friday bringing the total number of deaths to 3,720.

Simran Kumari

Simran Kumari

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