As it’s clear from several surveys, women in leadership positions are hard to find not because of a lack of mettle, but due to systemic patriarchy. Even if they attain leadership positions, there is no end to misogynist statements and downgrading women. However, time after time, women leaders around the world have stood up for their kin and put misogynist leaders in their place. They have reminded the world at large that women would no longer tolerate the treatment of second class citizens and casual sexism. Prevalent in both society and politics, sexism has been stooping up against by several women leaders around the globe. Here are some examples-

  • In a viral speech of American politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, she is seen completely bashing a Congressman who called her a “f*cking bitch” and tried putting the incident as misinterpretation and justifies his decency by mentioning his daughters and wife. Alexandria’s strong and moving speech proved that casually disrespecting women will no longer be accepted.
  • On the occasion of International Women’s Day, the late SushmaSwaraj, former External Affairs Minister of India, said that it was not enough to simply celebrate the achievements of women and it was equally important to call out the unfair treatment constantly meted out to women and end it.
  • Politician Smriti Irani publicly condemned the behaviour of MP Azam Khan when he made a sexist remark against MP Rama Devi. Azam Khan also had a history of passing sexist remarks against women politicians. After the incident, all ministers asked Azam Khan to apologize for his statement.
  • Australian PM Julia Gillard called out Mr Abbott (the then-leader of the opposition party in Australia). He had claimed that sexist people were unfit of leading and Australian PM Julia Gillard called him out for being a misogynist himself as reportedly he had catcalled Julia across the chamber.
  • Spanish politician bashed Polish MEP JanuszKorwin-Mikke with the most perfect response as he claimed women to be less intelligent than men and thus, they must earn less.
  • In 2017, the opposition party, the Labour Party had the youngest leader, Jacina Ardern and a Radio Host, Mark Richardson questioned her on becoming a mother. Her perfect response made it clear that such questions that brought a woman’s status down to nothing but maternity, was unacceptable and condemnable in the 21st century.
  • As Australian Politician Julia Banks, resigned from the Liberal Party, she remarked on how with respect to giving equal respect to women, politics was “years behind” the business world. She stated all the sexist remarks like “troublemaker”, “emotionally unstable”, “liar” etc. thrown at women who call out the bad behaviour that they have faced.
  • As MP Hilary Clinton was competing for Presidentship, she was heckled at a public event as a male protestor shouted out to her “Iron my shirt!”. She pointed out to this misogynist behaviour and the glass ceiling that she was fighting against.

Sexism is such well established in society that breaking out of it sounds audacious and against the culture by conventionally minded people. Tell us your views in the comments below!

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