Ratan Tata: An Ode To The Personification Of Humbleness

Famous Indian industrialist, Ratan Tata has always been a primary topic-of-discussion in significant conversations about charity. His humble character with his extraordinary contributions to make the world a better place is par excellence.

With a record of several donations and charitable schemes, Ratan Tata is definitely on the road to change the vulnerable conditions of our society forever.

Let us call this a tribute to this wonderful man’s humbleness and recall his stories about charity.

A leading philanthropist of this era!
Tata group is the largest and the most wealthy conglomerate in India, despite that, Ratan Tata is not the richest businessman of India. Why?


Because a 65% stake of almost 96 Tata group companies belongs to charitable organizations! *Goosebumps*

This leading philanthropist who doesn’t mind being eliminated from the billionaires’ list until India is a happy country has employed innumerable methods to safeguard a healthy world. Let’s take a look!

A vigilante of India’s future
Recently, Tata Education and Development Trust, a wing of Tata Group organized a $28M Tata Scholarship Fund for Cornell University which will finance undergraduate students from our nation. But wait this was only for starters.


In the year, 2010, the Tata Group donated $50M for the structuring of Harvard Business School. Today, it’s an honour for students to be a part of this Ivy league!

He has also successfully donated in Millions to other organizations that promise a beaming future for Indian youth.

The guardian of India’s health
Ratan Tata recently inaugurated a Cancer care center at Meherbai Tata Memorial Hospital (MTMH) in Jharkhand to boost vigilance among Cancer patients and render them the best health aid. In a recent interview, Tata stated: “We want to continue to serve the society and contribute in providing life to patients”.


Only a few years ago, Tata launched its Medical center called Tata Medical Center which dealt with a similar cause of serving cancer patients. It is estimated that Rs.3500M funding for the project and Rs. 400M was offered by Tata Group and Tata Sons for a noble cause.

It’s a relief to see someone in authority to take a stand against this crippling disease!

A power source for rural development
The Tata group has also shown consistent efforts in empowering the rural sectors of India. They provide education and literacy programs to motivate people to live an independent life.


Tata Chemicals Society for Rural Development, set up a brand named Okhai which galvanized the rural women to start an artisan business for themselves. Not only this, their initiative for farmers known as ‘Lakhpati Kisan’ also strives to pull out 1 lakh families out of poverty and raise their income to at least a Lakh. This campaign is already on-going in 17 remote blocks especially Jharkhand and Gujarat. They also helped 290 villages in developing their areas for a better living.

An environmentalist in its truest sense
A few years ago, the Tata Group also initiated conservation endangered species and their diminishing habitats for a healthy ecosystem across the globe.


Whether it’s the Taj Groups ‘Reef recharge’ project or Tata’s Chemical Botanical Reserve, Ratan Tata is engaging his companies in massive contributions to secure the world’s ecosystem.

Tata Motors Wetland Habitat initiative also altered the state of the forest by restoring its natural habitat. It transformed a scrubby barren area of 245 acres to a wetland. Indeed, his contributions to saving our environment are praiseworthy!

A billionaire with a heart worth more than trillions!
Ratan Tata’s incessant efforts to restore the peace and serenity in the world and safeguard the natural beauty of our nation stands unprecedented in every aspect. He has struggled to achieve his influential position, which he now utilizes in all our welfare schemes like education, rural development, medicine, and the environment.


Mr. Ratan Tata has also been presented with the Padma Bhushan award a few years ago. And well, who can be a better deserving candidate than this man who doesn’t think twice before contributing all his endeavors for the needy?

If all the other billionaires develop an attitude similar to Mr. Ratan Tata, the day isn’t far when India will again be called ‘a golden bird’!

Primary data Source: https://www.tata.com/community

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