Rajeev Khandelwal opens up about casting couch

Rajeev Khandelwal about casting couch, The tinsel town might seem like a world of glitter but deep down, it’s quite the contrary. The abode of luxury as we see it, is a mere unreality that hides the atrocities of the performing actors.

One of the major contributors to the off-camera reality is the casting couch. Although many actors attempt the daring act of opening up about it, the remaining are silenced by the fear in their heads.


But actor, Rajeev Khandelwal chose to come forward and unleash the truth about this heinous team that exploits actors in exchange for money and fame.

Rajeev unleashes realities about Casting Couch

Recently, Rajeev Khandelwal talked about casting couch and shared his experiences about the same. As he unravelled the realities of casting couch, audiences were taken aback by the miseries that the actors are put through.


Rajeev spoke about it by narrating how he was asked to have sex for a film which he later rejected because he didn’t want to fall into the devil hole of this crime. He also added by saying that most people don’t dare to open up about this because of three major reasons:

1. They surrender because they don’t have the audacity to say ‘NO.’
2. They surrender because they are in urgent need of money.
3. They surrender because they are willing to undergo any challenge to showcase their talent and gain the fame, they deserve.

Casting couch is not rape, says Khandelwal


Amidst everything mentioned above, Khandelwal also explained why casting couch isn’t equivalent to rape. He said that it isn’t forced on the actors. It is something that is done either unanimously or dejected from the other end.

But it is also a major crime because its intention lies in exploiting people and making choices on extremely unfair terms.

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