Pune with antibodies?

According to a new study in Pune, it’s said that Pune has revealed that 85% of the people who had been found infected with the covid-19 earlier had developed neutralizing antibodies the one who is infected with the disease-causing virus and recovers become immune to the disease because the build antibodies against it but it is not the case while the action of antibodies is necessary for recovery process it does not guarantee immunity against a future attack from the same virus immunity comes from what are you doing neutralising for protecting antibodies.

Let’s check what these are?

Neutralising antibodies like other antibodies that are created to fight the disease and nothing but protein these are a small substance of disease-specific antibodies that are generated once an infection has occurred these antibodies become special because they can thwart the entries that are the symbols inside the human bodies.

According to the serosurvey, States like one that has been conducted in Delhi, Mumbai and Pune some other cities only look for the presence of antibodies in the people their purpose is to find out whether a person has been infected and through random testing of people estimate the extent of spread of disease letter the test needs to be carried out to detect the presence of neutralizing antibodies is what happened in the case of Pune.

Let’s talk about immunity? Is it permanent or not?

It can be against some infections but in case of the covid-19 at known whether the immunity acquired through natural infection last for weeks, months or years .along the beauty of the immunity against disease depends on the variety of factors including the quantity of neutralizing antibodies by the patient. For example in case of the Pune about half the people with neutralizing antibodies have generated high levels of these antibodies by the others had relatively low levels those with the high quantity of neutralizing antibodies could be expected to remain immune to the disease for a long time.

According to the survey, scientists do not fully understand why certain people do not generate neutralizing antibodies. That system seems to be working fine but for whatever reason, they do not claim the specific protein of Biology that we know can explain.

Is Pune approaching herd immunity?

something that scientists can be careful not to assert, the Surosurvey conducted on about 1,650 individuals in 5 bands of the city about fifty-one of those tested about 850 were found to have antibodies out of those with 85% am informed have developed the immunity.

Disease prevalence in Pune like another city is not uniform but the findings of the study could not be applied well in the small population groups Whether a survey was conducted.

According to doctor Gagandeep Kang, Professor at Christian Medical College Vellore, and one of the co-authors of the study said that” I don’t think we can still say that Pune has achieved or is reaching herd immunity but the study has important because it shows whether there was height seropositivity incident rate Has Fallen subsequently”.

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