Margot Robbie aces her character in ‘Birds of Prey’

Cathy Yan’s, ‘Birds of Prey’ starring Margot Robbie portrays Harley Quinn who is by far the most mesmerizing character in the film. The recent trailer that highlights the protagonist, is only a glimpse of the outstanding performance given by the actor. 

After freeing herself from the joker guy, it now seems as if the director and the screenwriter are together trying to push her into her girl gang. But this isn’t enough for the 29-year-old actor to prove her extreme talent. She goes on to producing this film along with the director and screenwriter. 

A fascinating film 

The sequel of The Suicide Squad, ‘Birds of Prey’ seems to break the grounds now. Robbie’s Harley has turned out to be such a fan favourite that the audiences can’t wait to stand in queues when the film hits the cinemas. 

Margot Robbie

The movie begins as we are informed that Harley has been dumped by her boyfriend, Joker. That’s when she wears her character back on and begins to walk down her path independently. The key idea of this film for Robbie was to build a woman’s film where the characters are strong, bold and unshaken. Perhaps, Robbie has done her job well! 

In one interview Yan says, “It’s quite rare to have this many women behind the scenes,”. She continues to say, “Margot and Christina and I are all around the same age, so we looked around like, ‘no adult supervision? OK!’”

Even Harley goes on to talk about the film later as she says You think so much about a project,”. Revealing her excitement, she continues, “And then when you get to the end part, you’re suddenly like, “Oh, God, I’m not ready for it to be over!”

Here’s wishing all the luck to ‘Harley Quinn’ for all the other characters she is yet to play!

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