Kylie Jenner’s Walk-in Bag closet is every Girl’s Dream!

If you haven’t peaked into Kylie Jenner’s awesome bag closet, you haven’t experienced the world yet! This dream closet that is swarmed with the bags from the biggest brands in the world is colour-coordinated and no girl can have enough of it. 

From Birkin’s Bags, Judith Lieber to a sea of Louis Vuitton, there is nothing that she doesn’t own already. Quite literally! Let’s take you through this envious bag closet of Kylie Jenner that will make you reconsider your life choices. 

The aura is unprecedented

Kylie’s bag closet is a glass room with the most expensive bag collection on all sides. Each rack is loaded with tons of interesting bags that she has picked up from various stores across the world. All of them are color-coordinated that makes it even more alluring to watch. This luxury space nestles inside the youngest billionaire’s home in Melbourne, Australia.

This bag closet is one of Kylie’s favourite zones as she has a massive fetish for bags. Innumerable pictures of this room are flooded in Kylie’s social media accounts where she posts pictures of each bag proudly making us all jump off our couch. 

It’s not a closet, it’s a store! 

Kylie’s collection in this walk-in closet is a dream for all girls in the world. In a recent interview, she had taken everyone into her bag closet where she flaunted her outstanding collection of bags like a pro. She also has a special customized bag collection for her 2-year old, Stormi! *dying, already*

A lipstick bag by Judith Lieber which was given to her by Kim Kardashian is one of the most unique bags in the collection. She also revealed the bags that are the closest to her heart and those that she would never give away. 

Wasn’t Kylie’s bag closet a dream come true? Hands up, if you feel the same! 

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