KERALA MODEL, At the peak hour when the whole world is facing the problem of COVID19 pandemic, there are some places across the globe which came out with a markable strategy to deal with this issue. These areas may not be a very much big geographically, but the way they are dealing with this issue is really considerable and can be prosecuted by various authorities in a different country in the best possible way. Among these, the Kerala model is one of best and applicable model that can be sited as remarkable instances against the COVID19 battle.

Kerala’s government planning and it reaches to every individual has set an example for INDIA and to the world. The secret of such a remarkable success is the preparedness of the government to deal with any such situation. As earlier also, this region has dealt with many such issues (natural hazards like various tropical cyclones, that hit this area in the recent pasts and the pandemic like Nipah).There is no struggle between central government, municipal and village authority, which is very important for a system to deal with any such situation. So the strong experiences of past pandemic along with the close collaboration with nearly 3000 volunteers and government came up with this marvelous change.

The first three cases of COVID19 in INDIA were reported in Kerala when three students returned from Wuhan found infected by this virus since then the state was high on alert, it has strictly ordered all its authority to be on their duty and handle it with full responsibility. And as a result, the flow has steadily decreased and now it’s among the least affected state of the country. As they have prior experience of the NIPAH virus, so they know very well how to deal with such pandemics.


They made a proper plan about how they have to work with the help of various bodies across the state. They draw the root maps of patients that where did they travel in the course of time when they are infected by this virus. The kind of identification, isolation is enhanced through the web. They also developed the app that connects all those who are fighting against COVID19, from the doctor to the ambulance driver. By this doctor can identify where ICU ventilators are free or the driver can understand real-time where the isolation bed is free in the nearest place.

To fight against the non-adequacy of the available hospital beds, the government immediately thought of converting unutilized train wagon into the isolation room. The government of Kerala formed immediately a social volunteer force(sanndhsena) which saw a registration of 292851 people aged between 18 to 65. These volunteers are driving force of “COMMUNITY KITCHEN” who distributed daily meals to the aged person and those of real in need during the lockdown period. In Kerala, very cautiously, the migrant from West Bengal, Bihar, Orissa, etc were called “guest workers” and not by their origin. Dignity had been granted to them through different groups among these workers protest to return back to their state.

Results of Kerala model:
*The COVID curve of Kerala is flattening now.
* Every day for a week now, the number of recoveries has exceeded the number of a new infection.
*The recovery rate in Kerala is nearly 50% while the all INDIA average is around 11%
*The transmission rate of primary Carrier is 6 while in Kerala it is only 0.4.

There are several other examples across the country (like Agra and Bhilwara model)where the growth rate of the pandemic is in control with the help of its government officials, volunteers, and many other social organization. These examples show the very spirit of good governance and unity among various bodies and should be implemented by other states and governments to control the spread of the COVID19 virus.

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