Heartthrob Mathew Perry makes heads turn with his latest tweet for ‘FRIENDS’ fans

The FRIENDS cast has been creating a storm since 1994 and the world still can’t get over this show that now resides in millions of hearts. It all started from 1994 to 2004 when FRIENDS released 10 seasons, marking their biggest success. Since then, FRIENDS fans have been high on love for the TV show that stars, Jennifer Anniston, Mathew Perry, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, and David Schwimmer. 


But the question is: What is this tweet by Perry that is making fans go haywire? Well, let’s find out! 

The big news is probably back!

Recently Twitter went insane when Mathew Perry aka Chandler Bing tweeted something that made fans go crazy for him. It said, “Big news coming…

Since last year, the makers of Fans alongside the cast have been talking about a FRIENDS reunion that fans just can’t get enough of. However, there was nothing confirmed of it.

Although there is no legal confirmation that the FRIENDS reunion is on the move, fans are sure it’s going to be a FRIENDS reunion this time. 

Many fans have thus shown their excitement by leaving comments on Perry’s post that read dialogues from the famous show. Some have also posted GIFS with captions that say “Please say it’s a Friends Reunion!?!?”

Rumour has it!

A few days ago, when Jennifer Anniston was asked about the reunion, she made a statement that said, “And I will just continue with… we’re trying. It’s a never-ending question, isn’t it? What else could make a group of six actors feel prouder? It’s bringing people joy on a daily basis.


All hopes are high

Although no news has been confirmed yet, we are truly hoping that this crazy mix of friends gets back for a reunion. If it happens as expected, it will be streamed on HBO MAX. Stay tuned!

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