PLAYING This lockdown event has seriously damaged the lower-class people of the society. We’ve seen a lot many incidents where the poor got pulled out from the bottom. Several deaths recorded in the various parts of the country. It’s sad to see that apart from the disease, the poor are dying due to a lack of basic PLAYING needs. The more sad thing is that in this major issue too, politics are also played by the politicians. This really shows the condition and position of the poor and lower-class people in the country. Though so many people came forward to help them out in their possible way but that even doesn’t help them out.

Heart wrenching pics coming from Bihar-NewsORB360 PLAYING

This time the heart-wrenching pictures and videos came from the Muzaffarpur district of Bihar. A child was seen playing with PLAYING the clothes of her mother which was later found that she was dead. The reason for dead is being told that due to scorching heat and not getting food for 4 days. She was coming back to her home when the trains were rescheduled especially for the migrant workers. This clearly tells that how bad is the situation for the poor ones. There are several news also coming that the workers reaching their homes very so late and the trains are roaming them around. Due to this, people are facing hunger and lack of water. The person who shared the incident’s video on twitter is also getting criticized for not helping her out. Also, people questioned the authorities PLAYING and officials of the particular station for not having the single clue about the incident.

This shows that how our PLAYING government is managing and helping out the most affected people in this crisis. This too only became the matter of their discussion and to play politics among them. We don’t know how this deadly disease will be PLAYING finished but one thing is for sure that these destitute people still have to fight a lot many things in their life.

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