Five Novels That You Will Adore

You all must be quite bored at your house and the mundane routine Novels activities must seem to be quite agitating. Why not explore some new hobby which would help you to invest your time productively? Try reading these novels as they would boost your imagination skills and vocabulary as well. They would transport you to a completely new world!

The Fault in Our Stars
Written by John Green, The Fault in our stars will give you teary eyes. Ranging from an old person to a teenager, this book takes everyone down on a rollercoaster ride of numerous emotions. It revolves around a girl named Hazel who suffers from lung cancer who finds a boy named Augustus Waters, at a cancer support group. Their life journey together is laced with romance but has a melancholic side. This novel is a must-read but keep a box of tissues along with you!

Harry Potter Series
You must already know about the Harry Potter series! But let me remind you that the essence of books cannot be surpassed by the movies. Read the whole Harry Potter series to discover the magical world and the school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Hogwarts, which you will completely admire.

The Twilight Series
Twilight, written by Stephenie Meyer, is a fantasy romance-themed novel that revolves around vampires. Isabella, a teenage girl, falls in love with a vampire named Edward Cullen after shifting to the town of Forks. There are numerous intriguing characters in the novel who will catch your eye! Do read about their romantic journey filled with obstacles and decide whether you will Team Edward or Team Jacob?

13 Reasons Why
Yes, the famous show on Netflix is based on a novel by Jay Asher!
13 Reasons Why emphasizes on the sensitive issues such as bullying, sexual assault, drugs, suicide etc. in which certain students get entrapped. In the story, Hannah Baker, a teenage girl, commits suicide and leaves back 13 recorded tapes highlighting the 13 reasons why she took such a step.

Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda
A beautiful novel by Becky Albertall, it revolves around a boy named Simon who hides his sexual orientation but gets blackmailed due to some e-mails that he had been sending to a dear classmate with whom he had fallen in love with. If you like the novel then you will adore the movie as well!

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