ELAN GROUP – The company which changed the reputation of INDIA’S real estate scenario

ELAN GROUP Established and founded in 2013, is among the best known, trusted and fastest-growing companies in the REAL ESTATE BUSINESS  in India. The company has proven to be very efficient in working towards changing the scenario of real estate in India and has contributed towards not just building the INDIAN REALTY but has always thought about the welfare of their clients. Within four years, the company reached heights and conquered the Indian real estate with its endless efforts, consistency and sheer honesty taking the real estate business to a new level with its benchmark manifestations over the most recent 4 years – Mercado, Elan Town Center and Elan Miracle, for Indian development businesses. Elan Group deals with mixed-use Development projects, luxury commercial projects, retail construction, Premium Real Estate Projects etc.

The organization believes in providing its clients with new age ventures which have lithe spaces that interlinks with people. This is done by devising new procedures, the developing and discovering new technologies as well as exploration and research for future spaces.

All these plans, structures and ventures are implemented by the organization’s extraordinary branch called “Elan Draw” which is liable for engineering, which includes brilliant  and finest  engineers and architects. All of these efforts and plans are designed and implemented just give you the best outcomes with all conveniences for a business venture.

The company believes in satisfying its clients through their impeccable work and honesty. Some of the best features of Elan group which makes it different than the rest of the companies are:
Constantly working towards changing the face of real estate in India.

Aiming towards developing India in the field of commercial business and real estate.
Prioritizing client’s needs, caring about their sentiments and constantly thriving towards making them happy by their honest work.

They believe in creating such workspaces or projects, which is perfect not only in terms of infrastructure and technology but also focuses on the importance of nature, so they design their commercial retail in a way so that it   interacts with nature.

The Pillars of this company

DIRECTOR- MR.RAVISH KAPOOR and MR. AKASH KAPOOR – These are the people behind ELAN COMPANY, whose efforts have spelled success and because of whom, the company has reached its pinnacle.

Mr. Rakesh Kapoor, the chairman of elan group is a virtuous, inspirational and ambitious man, who has worked very hard behind building this company. He is experienced in the field of real estate, residential, commercial and hospitality segments. He is involved in these segments since decades, which has made him very efficient in his work, and because of which, the company within a short span of time, reached great heights. He has actively participated in various corporate projects and has been a crucial force behind discovering and exploring various strategic projects and nbsp. As a responsible chairman, his role is to look out for  the various multidisciplinary work of the company and to make sure the plans and strategies are company is properly implemented or not. His righteousness, leadership and vision has led to the major progress of the company.

Mr. Akash Kapoor- Director of Elan group
As the Son of Mr. Rakesh Kapoor and the director of this company, he has always proved to be very responsible for his work. He uses his administrative and leadership skills to strengthen the group’s various plans and operations, across the finance and administrative segment. He has successfully led a finance team responsible for ensuring financial rectitude, complaisance, and best practices throughout the company and its subsidiaries. Just like his father, he is known for his hard work and honesty. In addition to this, he has also played a vital role in expanding, developing, and executing various strategies, which led to the progress of the company. He discovered new businesses, expanded markets, ensured smooth operation which the drove group’s brand value to the next level, and secured the company’s reputation consistently.

Mr. Ravish Kapoor – Director of ELAN GROUP.
Another son of Mr Rakesh Kapoor ,a young and talented business man who has played a major role in building the company’s reputation by overseeing the sales and marketing of the company. He played his role very well by expanding the real estate business and accelerating the company’s growth in the NCR region. He excels in building the group’s brand value, marketing as well as sales. Moreover, he manages a marketing strategy group and a broker’s network that are centered around developing and creating innovative ways of marketing the project PAN INDIA. Mr Ravish’s  experience and his efficiency in this field, his honesty and consistency towards his work has played a crucial role and a driving force for many of the group’s major strategic alliances.

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