Covid-19 a Pandemic or Biological terrorism

TerrorismThe whole world is trapped in the clutch of COVID-19, on the other hand many countries are trying to create a new path for militants, rebels and gangs to establish legitimacy as the international report says. The medical crisis lying dead bodies increasing mortalityterrorism rate all these issues seems irrelevant for them, armed forces, bombs, artillery, missile are drawing their attention more than the global crisis. When the whole world is in a serious predicament, few authorities are busy fixing their personal interest by creating global anarchy. The pandemic is more like biological terrorism, yes u read it correct A WELL PLANNED TERRORISM.

Here are the countries contributing in the biological terrorism.

1. CHINA- The communist china regime emerged as a global villain this year by gifting the whole world with The novel COVID -19. They not only destroyed evidence of the virus as early as Dec. 2019 but they jailed and silenced anyone attempting to inform the world about the severity of the outbreak the country was experiencing. It’s just a long term strategic goal of China. They wanted to have control over every free people by disturbing the global economy. Once they penetrate the economies they buy up everything they can, pay off everybody they can, and then make demands for the behavior of government.china neglected the terrorism value of humane life for trade and economy.

Covid-19-a-Pandemic-or-Biological-terrorism-NewsORB360 terrorism

READY FOR WAR- Chinese naval recently launched a series of naval drills to shore up its coastal capabilities in pacific. This is an open threat for war to the USA, in this woes Chinese are excited for bloodshed on the battlefield. What an inhuman activity communist china is showing, after creating so much loss of life and economy they are threatening for war. However USA responded this threat bravely by elephant walk (organized procession of fighter jets) in Taiwan.

Covid-19-a-Pandemic-or-Biological-terrorism-NewsORB360 terrorism

IT’S SO-CALLED ALLY- China very strategically helping Pakistan it’s so-called friend since a long time. Despite of outbreak of COVID-19 china Pak economic corridor(CPEC) work has been continuing in POK. Hence the economic dependence of Pakistan will increase due to pandemic and china will extract more natural resources from POK. Lastly pak will soon become the Semi-Colony of china due to COVID-19 impact. This is the reason why china is promoting terrorism and giving shelter to radical groups from Pakistan

2. PAKISTAN- Pak fights COVID-19 battel with the help of china but keeps terrorism POK ORPHAN. Pakistan is getting complete support to cope with the pandemic from china but shockingly, none of the medical facilities has been extended to POK, and Pakistan completely abandoned POK. Not only this when Pakistani authorities are providing relief material to the citizens all over the country during quarantine, Hindu citizens are made deprived of it. Such an inhuman deed is a matter of great astonishment and shame.

3. OTHER ISLAMIC ORGANISATION- ISIS and other extremists see global chaos from coronavirus as an opportunity to win over more supporters and strike harder than before. Turkey presses on with military campaigns in Iraq and Syria despite woes. The new project seeks to monitor changes in the demonstration, state repression,terrorism mob attacks, overall rates of armed conflict, and more. In the shield of pandemic they are trying to spend more terrorisms and lawlessness in the world.


CONCLUSION- These authorities are creating another terror when the whole world is struggling against the novel coronavirus. International institutions should blacklist countries like China and Pakistan from various global organizations for terrorism such ruthlessness. The whole world should collectively fight against these authorities and teach them a lesson for their inhuman deeds. We should not ignore such international issues even during woes because our negligence would let a country like china another chance to create such BIOLOGICAL TERRORISM.

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