14 PUBG Memes All Desi Players Can Relate To

Nothing unites today’s youth more than PUBG! The game that made us all warriors in a virtual war field, fighting our friends, the irony isn’t it?

Even if you don’t spend hours in front of your phone screen engaged in gratifying battles with your peers, these PUBG inspired memes are bound to crack you up:

This one is true for all of us. The number of hours spent on PUBG are inversely proportional to our grades. But as long as we get all those chicken dinners, who cares?

Just playing the game is not enough. You’ve got to immerse yourself completely to have better chances of winning. And some of us do just that, don’t we?


You know those times when you have just landed and are looking for weapons and all of a sudden you are surrounded by enemies? Yeah, all of us have been there. Next time you are in a similar situation, turn your mic on and shout ‘Thaaye, Thaaye!’ 😛


All of us have that one studious friend who is totally against PUBG. (Why, though?) This meme is a bang-on parody to the times when have spent hours shooting your enemies (ofcourse in PUBG) and books are long gone memory for the next day’s exam!.


The best aspect of the game is that you get to play it with your friends. There may be times when your companions get knocked down though. This classic meme is perfect for those moments when you cannot revive your Jai and have to continue solo. I know how you felt Veeru!


Getting a chicken dinner sure gives us a sense of accomplishment. This one is a hilarious take on the overexcited players who feel they’ve actually learned to shoot and are probably suited for the army.


Probably the most controversial PUBG meme out there! It sure reminds us of the time when we run over someone with our cars. Not saying it has anything to do with the person in the picture!


Kabir couldn’t get his country a cup while he was in the team. He did manage to guide another one to victory, though. Who else felt like Kabir leading your teammate to victory? *Both hands up*


Sounds very much alike, PUBG lovers? Oh, Yes!
There’s nothing more annoying than your game being interrupted by an incoming call. URGGHH!


This is perhaps the best way to entice children to go to school. Naming the school ‘PUBG’ will attract all those unlucky fellows who have never been able to win a single match and get a chicken dinner.


All of us with devout parents go through the ordeal of refraining from non-veg during the nine auspicious days of Navratri. This meme is a funny take on how our parents would react if we explain the concept of ‘chicken dinner’ to them!


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Does this need an explanation? Who else is waiting for the red box to drop it off?

Of course, YES!


(Shaktiman theme song intensifies in the background!).


Going through the ‘red zone’ is easily one of the most dangerous things to do in the game. But when you have to go through it in order to reach the safe zone, you have got to brave your way through it and remember Bunny’s immortal words!

Now, bye. You know, PUBG can’t wait. Meet you all on the battleground, keep the chicken dinner ready for me! 😉

*Game Face on*

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