In the past few months, India has fast-tracked its operations in acquiring its territory under the illegal occupation of its neighbour, Pakistan.
The Indian state-owned news channel, DD News has included the areas of PoK and GB in its weather report. There were reports of a PMO meet as well as meetings conducted by National Security Advisor, Ajit Doval on carrying out a probable operation to seize back PoK and GB.
But the economies of both the nations of India and Pakistan are have faced a setback owing to the COVID- 19 pandemic and if either of the neighbours engages in a traditional military action to retain or extend their power on the disputed territory, it would do nothing but wreck further damage to the already crippled economies of the neighbours.

Recently, a webinar was organized titled “India’s Non-Military Options to Liberate Pak-Occupied Kashmir” on 29th May by Law and Society Alliance. This conference was attended by Lt. General (R) Ata Hasnain; Dr. Manish, at Gujarat Central University; and Siddharth Zarabi (a senior journalist).

Lt. General (Retd.) Ata Hasnain explored the concepts of a Hybrid War and Grey War exploring its possibility.
He explained the Hybrid War as a form under which nations may engage to deniability but at the same moment to a partial sponsorship. He described it as a form of warfare under which the countries may resort to simultaneous ‘military, economic, cyber, information warfare, and so on and so forth.’

He also elucidated on Grey warfare to which India has lately engaged itself, under which a nation, ‘it is a method in which one finds political and psychological domain dominant.’
The main form of warfare to which most of the speakers focused on was Information war.
The general explained the power of social media if used according to a pre-determined strategy. He defined the importance of long term planning and building strategies for achieving efficiency.

Dr. Manish pointed out to a lack of ‘strategic culture’ among Indians and why the youth should look for building a strategic mindset amongst the youth. He also pointed out top the Instrument of Accession and the rightful claims of India on PoK and Aksai Chin.

Dr. Manish stated, “Two major things that are important in our scenario. Firstly, India should invent most of the cyber tech power and energize and enlarge this domain. The content should be news, ideas, debate, social networking, entertainment, etc. Secondly, it should lend support to adversaries. We can do so by providing non- military and military aid to them. Pro-democracy opposition movements are suddenly increasing that are too intense. Most of the news literature and the research in the past century show that there have been well laid planned and massive efforts to raise pro-democracy movements. Such efforts tend to change the economy for a prolonged period. We should resort to such movements.”

Sidharth highlighted India’s major foe to the spread of fake propaganda and anti- Indian sentiments among Kashmiris and how sponsored media reports in global media have made India look like a violator instead of a rightful owner of the territories.

He pointed on the probable course of action that may be followed by the Indian administration as he said, “Firstly, as the GoI and all of us realized in 2019, that post 5 Aug, there was a barrage of misinformation and ignorance all over the world. Quality information needs to be uploaded over the web, detailed write-ups need to come up, if required- paid advertisements, knowledge-sharing events across knowledge capitals of the world, TV documentaries are a couple of things that are need of the hour. Secondly, supplementing the efforts of disinformation by diplomatic entities is required. Messages should be sent that PoK and Cok should be brought in front of the world. Thirdly, a 247 researched-based streaming platform should be set up by Prasar Bharati that could work on tackling disinformation on Jammu and Kashmir issue and Punjab- Khalistan issue. The DD should work on the plan of 2016 – to create a 247 internet streaming portal by MIB and MEA.”

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