DRDO DEVELOPS DISINFECTION UNIT, India’s unending problems include a shortage of PPE kits in every hospital or medical fronts. This good of utmost importance has not been produced in abundance in India and that has
resulted in widespread criticism regarding India’s dealing with the COVID- 19 crisis. The doctors and medical staff in the frontline have resorted to using raincoats for protection due to lack of PPE kits, hazmat suits, and N95 masks.

Due to this reason, the news of DRDO developing a new disinfection unit has come to us like raindrops on a summer afternoon.

The Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) has developed a disinfection unit, called ‘Ultra Swachh’ to sterilize a wide range of items like PPE kits, fabrics, electronics, machinery, etc.

Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences (INMAS) is the Delhi based laboratory of DRDO which partnered with Gel Craft Healthcare Pvt. Limited Ghaziabad to develop the product ‘Ultra Swachh’.

For disinfecting, ‘Ultra Swacch’ uses an advanced oxidative method which comprises of multiple barrier disruption approaches using Ozonated Space Technology.

The system has a double layer of specialized ozone sealant technology to assure trapping of ozone for disinfecting procedure. It has a catalytic converter of water and oxygen to ensure
environment-friendly exhaust. “The system is in compliance with international standards of industrial, occupational, personal, and environmental safety.

The Ultra Swachh comes in two variants namely Ozonated Space and Trinetra Technology. Trinetra technology is a combination of ozonated space and radical dispenser. Treatment
is optimized with automation for quick disinfection cycle,” clarified DRDO in a press release.

The unit has dimensions of 7’×4’×3.25′ to disinfect large quantities of stuff at one time. It has special features like delay cycles, leak monitor, and emergency shutdown. 15Amperes, 220Volts, and 50Hertz of a power supply are required for it to work. This development will hopefully provide a huge relief to medical personnel as well as the government which is crushed under the burden of the dying economy and troubles at every front.

Due to the emergency lockdown declared on 25th March by PM Modi, there has been a halt in every industry throughout the country which has proved to be fatal to the economy of our country.

India has crossed 2 lakh boundary in COVID-19 cases with the recovery of 1 lakh patients. There have been around 6000 casualties of the disease in India. June recorded the highest number of cases in one day being over 8000, two days in a row.

Along with Coronavirus, there has been an attack of swarms of locust and two powerful cyclones in India in the last one month which has inevitably made the challenge against the wrath of nature tougher for India.

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