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Do you think Akbar, the great king, would have ever imagined that the luxury he had with him will be one day available to the most common man in the world.  Today, the majority of Indians have lifestyles better than one experienced by the richest Kings in the past.How far have we ,the humankind ,reached ,from Kings appointing two servants for flapping “pankha”(hand fan) the whole night while the King sleeps to just a switch ON for cool air being experienced.

Isn’t it magical that we can communicate face to face to the person sitting on the entirely opposite side of the earth. Well it is, but we never really bother to observe and appreciate the fortune of our surrounding.We wonder how heaven would look like but is it not divine that we today avail everything which was not even imagined by our ancestors! Ever took  time to appreciate the surroundings enclosing you? how wonderful is the world and how comfortable we are as compared to our forefathers !Are we not lucky to be born in this era with best technologies that are standing 24 × 7 to make our lives better and comfortable.We human beings tend to focus upon the negativities around us and always neglect the positivities of life . The reason of depression among youth has this major core.We are always entangled in our problems that good things seems to be invisible even when they are present.

“We are blessed more than cursed ! We count our suffering and sad moments but never our  blessings, the reason of disappointment and sadness is hence just this”.so let’s start appreciating the environment we live, the house we build , the mobile we use ,and technology we create. 
Life for us will prove to be  more happening and beautiful once we take time to choose happiness in little amazing things .

Happiness is a choice and you are free to choose that. So what r u waiting for?lets smile:-)because you have  more royal lifestyle than any other King or queen of the past.
I request you to send the feedback on my work. Waiting to enhance my writing skills through your advices and suggestions if any. 
Thanking you

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