You can’t escape from Novel coronavirus!

The recent pandemic has shocked us to the core. It has changed our lifestyle, our way of doing things, way of greeting at meeting new/old people. We have entered a new phase called #newnormal. But are we really safe? Staying indoors is actually working out? How can you prevent yourself and take good care of yourself in this tough situation?

There is actually no place that you can consider safe. There is no prevention until now. But you can still be cautious.

Super spreaders:

They are the one who carries a grave risk of transmission; in fact, it is one of the reasons why India is seeing a hike in the number of Covid patients. But how can you be safe? It is merely impossible to detect who is a super spreader and who is not. But what you can do is Stay Indoors. If you are buying something don’t forget to sanitize it. If you are buying vegetables or fruits then keep it in warm water first. Don’t sit anywhere outside and keep maintaining distance.

Aerosol Transmission, Why is it crucial?

In a study conducted by a US-based engineer, Suresh Dhaniyala, the risk factor for COVID transmission lies in how far aerosols can spread. It is clear that COVID-19 not just spread through direct contact, but in addition through mist concentrates communicated through the air, which can go for longer separations, yet additionally remains suspended in a given climate for a more drawn out time. The only way you can negotiate with it is Ventilation. By offering proper space for air to absorb and release you are making sure the least risk of spreading the virus. Moreover, maintain social distancing. Suppose you are going out to purchase something, avoid going to a close place.

Proper Ventilation to cut down the risk!

The ventilation and direct sunlight are the two main things that will decrease the effect of Novel Coronavirus. Like many other viruses. The reason why enclosed rooms are not advised for a Covid patient or in general is because of this. Wise and organised accommodation is necessary for the days when schools, cinema halls and public gathering will reopen. Scientists have prepared a device which will detect the maximum accommodation in a room.

Gatherings you can avoid:

You cannot escape from the novel coronavirus, it doesn’t matter you are indoor or outdoor. But the risk at certain places can be high and can be ‘low’ as well. So places you can avoid are; corners of room, Dim places, Area near the Air conditioner. They are more affected than places in general. And you should definitely avoid unnecessary public gathering. Since the festive season is around the corner, you might want to go and meet your friends and relatives. Do remember your life is precious; these things will come and go every year. Celebrate festivals in #newnormalway. And enjoy the restricted festivals with the people you are with.

No matter how much we are scared of this disease and how much this pandemic has troubled us. But this is surely an opportunity to Pause, Reform and Restart all our lives.

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