Yashaswini Damaya is well known for her quirky, fun, slightly immature, and entertaining roles. She once again plays her patented role and wins our heart in Meghna Ramaswamy’s debut film What are the Odds.

The mystical comedy captures the story of two Mumbai school students Vivek (Yashaswini Damaya) and Ashwin (Karanvir Malhotra). The story has a wide range where whim and reality walk hand in hand. The aesthetic portrayed by Ramaswamy is praiseworthy. Even though the story or the characters do not have a huge impressive curve, we cannot argue that the cinematography is on point. With colorful, vibrant costumes and props we’re transferred to a world of magic and eye-pleasing aesthetic. Although the audience expected similar magic and captivating charm in the story, no one can regret the 90 minutes of relatable comedy and quirks portrayed beautifully as always by Yashaswini.

Yashaswini Dayama wins our heart again-NewsORB360

In the movie, Damaya plays the role of Vivek who is rebellious, smart, childish, and adorable in her quirks. She has a complex abandonment issue which she copes with escapism. Her music is her safe haven where she loses herself to escape issues that are over her head. She is a socially awkward, angst-ridden teen who has an unshakeable belief that everything is filled with flaws, from the education system to society.

She befriends the charming classmate, Ashwin, the topper, who represents the other end of the spectrum with his impeccable looks and perfect life.

Together they embark on a journey of unfortunate happening which is sugar-coated with the essence of magic and flair.

Yashaswini Dayama wins our heart again-NewsORB360

Abhay Deol is a part of the movie who is the love interest of Damaya. He doesn’t quite fit into her whimsical world and has a pretty mundane existence, all in all.

Yashaswini has displayed her acting skills previously in several short films and web series like Adulting, What the Folks, and Delhi Crime. She has co-starred as supporting characters alongside well-known actors too, like Alia Bhatt in Dear Zindagi. She debuted in Phobia.

Yashaswini Dayama wins our heart again-NewsORB360

Yashaswini has always captured the essence of her characters with ease and grace. Her fumbling, chirpy acting always puts a smile to face. In this movie her acting makes us reminisce about our school days and embarrassing incidents and we can’t help but love her for the laughs. We hope to see more of her skills in upcoming projects.

What are the Odds may not be a very captivating movie but it sure does leave us with a lighter heart by the end of it.

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