World’s most expensive homes

Most expensive homes, Rich people all around the world like to invest their wealth in real estate and build extravagant residences by either buying a place of huge historical importance and adding their customized touches to it or hiring well-known architects for the purpose of designing their magnificent abodes. According to recent estimates, only a handful of homes in the world are worth $300 million or more. These are some residences which are known for their roof shattering prices in the globe:


Buckingham Palace, $1.5 billion: Situated in London, it is the palatial residence of Great Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II and is the world’s most expensive residence, estimated worth some $1.55 billion by Money magazine. Part of its value may also be attributed to the palace’s royal provenance but the building isn’t any less magnificent. The Queen isn’t the actual owner of the palace though, it is held in trust.


Antilia, $1 billion: Antilia is a 400,000-square-foot 27-story mansion private residence owned by Mukesh Ambani (chairman of Reliance industries), located in Mumbai, India, named after a mythical island in the Atlantic ocean and completed in 2010. “A Blade Runner-meets-Babylon edifice” as described by the New York Times. According to The Guardian, Ambani employs a staff reported to number 600 to maintain the same.


Villa Leopolda, Villefranche-sur-Mer, $750 million: Based in France, this masterpiece gets its name from King Leopold II of Belgium, who acquired the property in the late 1890s. As of today, its current owner is Lily Safra, a philanthropist and the widow of the billionaire banker Edmond Safra. The 29,000-square-foot main house reportedly has 11 bedrooms and 14 baths with two guest houses, a pool, and around 20 acres of trees and gardens.


Witanhurst, $450 million: With interior space of some 90,000 square feet, Witanhurst will be the second priciest home in London after the Buckingham Palace, after the completion of its ongoing renovation. It was built in the early twentieth century by the heir to a soap fortune. The owners of this place are somewhat a mystery.


Odeon Tower Penthouse, $400 million: Odeon Tower in an expensive apartment located in Monaco. Its price is estimated by Bloomberg at $400 million. The five-story penthouse will have 35,500 square feet of interior space, including a master bedroom The Guardian describes as “the size of two and a half tennis courts” and an open-air pool and curved, two-story waterslide.

Most expensive homes,The owners of these homes definitely emphasize luxury and like to spend their riches on building an eye-catching abode and leaving a legacy for the future generations. Just erecting them isn’t enough though, these ostentatious places also need high maintenance to keep their glory unquestioned.

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