WORLD NATURE CONSERVATION DAY, A generation that has grown up believing time to be money, has experienced being stuck at home for months and not having any proper planning about utilizing this time to earn money. We, who have known time and money to be scarce resources, have a good opportunity now, to look at life post the months-long lockdown and the new normal.

Soothsayers, business consultants and other assorted people whose living included foretelling events have already claimed that the world might be divided into pre-COVID and post-COVID periods. Shifting from the future of malls and debates of online vs offline shopping, let’s look at the impact of COVID-19 on the nature destroyed by human beings.

Amidst the growing anticipation and concerns regarding the spread of the pandemic and death rates, the only positive news in months has been the healing of nature. The lower pollution level, animals freely roaming and not interrupted by destructive civilization, increase in the greens, pure air, cleaner rivers etc. We also have received the news of ozone hole repair, though it would have happened naturally the lockdown and lower pollution rates simply help accelerate the process.

With our social media accounts being flooded with pictures of clean Yamuna and Ganga and human spaces being increasingly occupied by wild species, we can have two conclusions-

  • Human activities over the past years have been deleterious to the environment.
  • Nature is resilient and can self-heal within a little down of time.

Besides giving nature the time to repair itself, human beings have also received the luxury of time to introspect, discuss and reflect on the need to lower the demands that we impose on nature and its resources. The urge to not be like our pre-corona selves should drive us into sustainable development and actions post the COVID-19 period.

Croma has served as one of the very few Indian brands that encourage responsible choices of consumption by providing lucrative discounts on home gadgets that are resource-efficient, offering pick-up of e-wastes from doorsteps and educating consumers on the results of the choices they make by undertaking periodic campaigns. For every gadget deposited in their ‘e-care’ bucket, they have planted a tree and will continue to do so. This program has stepped into its 4th year and over 1 lakh trees have been planted under several reforestation projects.

This 28th of July, on the occasion of “World Conservation Day”, Cromain partnership with the Times of India, have decided to give out saplings to people who shop at their store against a pledge of looking after the plant and being responsible in choice of consumption. So this 28th of July, head over to a Croma store, pick up a sapling for free and pledge to return to nature, what we have borrowed from it. If it’s difficult for you to move you, simply head over to and against every purchase you make, Croma promises to plant a tree in your name.

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