Most of us are now gradually becoming customary to the new ‘Work from Home’ experience and certain parts of our domicile have turned into our workplace. Our conference room meets have shifted to the virtual desktops. The chit chat among our colleagues have also caught up with the new virtual reality of the changing times.

In a similar fashion to all the spheres of our day to day activities, our work habits are also bound to be altered forever as the pandemic leaves us with new habits.

With the announcement of Lockdown 4.0 across the nation, the Ministry of Home Affairs complimented it with a circular on the necessary course of action that the offices and workstations should stick to “ensure social distancing and good hygiene.” The commencement of Unlock 1.0 has marked the rebooting of workplaces as offices ranging from the amendment in the seating position or sanitization from time to time.

In a talk with, Dhirendra Nath, Chief Human Resources Officer, SLK Software, was reported stating “Thermal scanners have been installed. All workstations have been placed at a distance from each other to maintain social distancing, masks have been made mandatory, all spaces are being disinfected.” Informing on the company plan of action for providing transportation services to their employees, he said that the company is working on formulating the action plan for the periodic check-up of cab drivers as well as their routine sanitization.

He also highlighted how the company has adopted the guidelines framed by the Central Government and the education they are providing their workforce about personal hygiene and sanitization measures. He added to his statement as he was quoted “We had previously expanded our office space which is now being utilized to ensure social distancing through rearranged seating. Employees coming to office have been asked to immediately report any difficulty they may be facing healthwise,”

While many offices have resumed their operations, many organizations are still continuing with Work from Home to prevent the risks posed by the novel Coronavirus. The leading factor for this attitude among corporations remains the fact that the productivity of the employees wasn’t hampered even as the workforce wasn’t physically present inside the office premises.
A prominent spokesperson from a company has been reported stating, “There are some deliverables that do not have a deadline. You cannot monitor when people are at home as compared to the office, where you can see they are on the job. But you also realize that you need to trust your colleagues. It is all about getting used to the new ‘normal’.”

Companies have evolved infrastructure to keep their business operations on going even though in the midst of this historic pandemic. It is quite certain that working from remote locations will be conventional as many reports suggest that this virus will be staying here for quite a long time. Such work from home convention would mean that employees could be freed from the difficulties that are involved during the course of transportation and as well as save resources which could be transferred as an additional benefit to employees.

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