Why twitter declared “Sonu Sood” the biggest scam?

My biggest regret is there are 24 hours in a day. Each hour of me being awake means I can help few more migrants. – Sonu Sood

When the world was fighting against the biggest and tragic disease, when India and countries across the globe were shut down due to the global pandemic; we witness some good deeds happening and made them our superheroes. India and its functions were stopped during the recent pandemic. Migrants and labours who travel to different cities for their work and jobs suffered a lot because they lost their job and were away from their families. Sonu Sood once stated, “I went all out to help these migrants because I was a migrant too, who came to Mumbai with a lot of dreams”. Whether its Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Primetime news channels or your very own the Kapil Sharma Show; Sonu Sood was applauded and appreciated for his work. He was invited to various shows where he discussed he approached the migrants, became the link between government and people; only to depart them for their respective home towns across India. Notwithstanding, about a month back individuals on Twitter considered Sood’s deed a trick as the tweets of individuals approaching him for help out of nowhere began disappearing.

People countered the whole process of approaching for help and then the actor replying to it, A Scam. People on Twitter gave proofs that the accounts were made on October itself with 2-3 followers and now being disappeared. They also pointed out how the actor was replying without tagging anybody and replying to those who didn’t even tag him, which looks like an unbelievable attempt to fool people. Tweets by various people claimed that whatever activities he is doing in the name of philanthropy is actually a PR stunt and to be in news. From his prime time appearance where he was labelled as a Real hero to the famous comedy show the Kapil Sharma show where his actions were highlighted, his team was introduced and all his work was promoted. People targeted these activities as a PR activity to gain popularity.    

After facing so many allegations where his good deeds were doubted and framed him as a fraud. Sonu Sood replied to one of the tweets where he attached Excel sheets and receipts of him helping people who asked on Twitter.

Sonu Sood was in news whether for doing something good since the lockdown started or now when people are claiming his deeds to be a scam. 

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