Why So Cool, PM Modi?

26th December 2019, Thursday has witnessed solar eclipse particularly known as “Surya Grahan”. It is said that this has been the last longest and most effectful eclipse of the year. With the world witnessing the eclipse, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also seen the same.

Modi has tweeted about the same and has grabbed the eyes of the nation. He felt unfortunate that he could not see it because of the clouds above. He tweeted, “Like Many Indians, I was enthusiastic about #solareclipse2019.   Unfortunately, I could not see the sun due to cloud cover but I did catch glimpses of the eclipse in Kozhikode and other parts on live stream. Also enriched my knowledge on the subject by interacting with experts.” He has posted along with a picture in black goggles.


Fans and followers have appreciated him for his sporty attitude towards the eclipse. Even the opposition party, Congress has called him a cool PM. People even have used the picture of PM Modi, looking towards the sky in black sunglasses, as meme. And he has shown his love towards it. One if the followers wrote, “ It would be a meme.” He responded with a tweet, “most welcome, enjoy.”

The eclipse has started at 8 in the morning and lasted till 11. Many parts of India, especially In South India has witnessed the event. Kerala has immense effect and seen it naked eyed. It was first visible at Cheruvathur in Kasaragod. Scientists and students have gathered together to see the “ring” around the sun. It was first seen in South Arabia.


There are certain superstitious beliefs about the eclipse. Many believe not to store food in open and should not be consumed. Whereas it has been caught people distributing food items like biscuits, sweets to the ones who have come to witness the eclipse.

This eclipse is known to be the second solar eclipse of the century. It was also visible in parts of Srilanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Guam and Northern Mariana Island.

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