After New Zealand was declared a Coronavirus free nation, it caught the attention of many across the globe. If you’re looking to shift to a new nation, New Zealand could be the place for you! Let’s see what are the pros of NZ!

Healthcare services-
The pandemic has made us realize the need for healthcare services. Especially in countries like India, where the shortage of hospital beds are costing hundreds of lives, the medical services of New Zealand is pretty enticing. In an emergency, immediate services are provided at the doorstep on a single call to 111. Even if you’re not a citizen of NZ but hold a work visa of over 2 years is entitled to zero or minimal medical expenses.

If you’re shifting to a country with a family, the education of your children is one of the major concerns for you obviously. In that case, New Zealand is a safe choice for you. New Zealand is among the top 20 schools of OECD and has 8 universities all of which are among the best 500 universities in the world. From age 5-19, education is free at any State School if you gain NZ citizenship or are a permanent resident of the country.

Weather is infact a very important consideration while choosing a place for yourself. NZ has one of the best weather in the world. Infact, you can experience four seasons in one day in New Zealand. Even in summers, one day could be terribly warm but in the next two days, it can rain enough to make you wear a warm hoodie. It is truly one of the best features of the country.

Less Traffic and Travelling
Again, if you’re from somewhere like India, the population of New Zealand will be a shock to you. With around 49 lakh population, the country has very little traffic and hence has pretty favorable conditions for traveling.

Nature and Beaches.
Who doesn’t love a perfect scenery outside their window? While traveling, during tea in the morning or while working at your office there are high chances of you being surrounded by nature, greenery, or beautiful mountains. Not to mention, being an island country, there is access to beautiful white sand and turquoise ocean no matter where you choose to live in NZ. Moreover, almost all of these beaches are pretty safe and clean.

Safety and lack of racism
New Zealand has been home to equality for a long time. The right to vote or holding an important position in any office is not a luxury that only a few can have. It is within the reach of anybody and everyone irrespective of gender, caste, race, or ethnicity. Even during COVID-19 New Zealand has opened its gate to anyone from any country in need of medical help without any discrimination. It is said that you can talk to a stranger in New Zealand as if you are best friends with them with no fear of discrimination.

Mental health
The mentality of the people there is interesting. Unlike in most countries, they “work to live” and not “live to work”. They work, of course, but prioritize home, family, friends, and hobby as well. There is very little anxiety and high levels of harmony among citizens there.

On top of every pro, New Zealand is prosperous with good economy and management and unlike Australia, this island country is free of unwelcomed poisonous spiders, snakes, and insects.

Of course, no place in this world is Utopia. But some places are better than others and sometimes the index of being a “good place” is also dependent on the person and his needs from a place.

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