Why can’t anyone beat a Shaolin Master?

The life of a Shaolin Monk is a hard path to spiritual and physical self-improvement. In this path they have to face many significant challenges and undergo exotic training based on ancient traditional training which has not changed a bit in thousands of years. Monks train seven days a week to perfect the skills and its not easy to understand the essence of their lifestyle.

They begin harsh training at an early age of 6. Young disciples learn to undergo harsh pain and good body balance. They also undergo mandatory meditation classes too which makes them take quick and correct decisions and respond quickly to any upcoming threat. Disciples are trained in such a way that they learn to wrap their body around a pole or a tree trunk from the very beginning.


Every monk has been trained for many years to reduce the risk to their bodies while in combat. They are trained in such a way that the most fatal parts of their body are made the strongest that can survive any major attack. For example in one exercise they have to hit their throat with sticks which is very dangerous as it can lead to instant death.

To make every part of their body stringer monks use special exercises. Not only physical training meditation also plays an important role in their overall development. It helps them keep calm under various tough situations.

They are trained in such a way that they have control over all their body parts and every muscle in the body, constant training, and meditation makes them fast responding and quick-acting.

Therefore it becomes impossible for a normal human being to beat a Shaolin Master in hand to hand combat.

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