Why are elderly people detested in India

India is known for its joint family culture, it’s an attitude of being together happily not only gives India it’s an identity of authenticity but also impacts of its values and traditions. No matter how much India has westernized its rules regarding family has only been adulterated positively. Moving out from your parent’s house is still not a symbol of responsibility but has been recognized and appreciated only when it’s about persuading one’s dreams and job opportunities. Indians are sentimental about their paternal homes, locality, and even states.

But as I write about it, it strikes me that all this has now only been limited to words and saying. The real India has moved on from its sentimental reasons and is practical with negative implementations. In a country where most of us have grown up with our grandparents irrespective of the maternal or paternal side. There is a side where people have given up on their old parents and in most cases, it’s the parents. As I write ahead it gives me a sudden shiver that how easily a child can abandon his or her parents just like that on the streets. A mother who gave you life with her blood or even a father who shed blood to feed you so that you can grow up enough intelligent to dump them cleverly.

The recent news covered by journalist Barkha Dutt about Leelavati Devi who was abandoned by her son who survived on a packet of biscuits at the Bandra station in Mumbai, Maharashtra who only wanted to return to Delhi by the migrant trains made every one of us angry and hurt. But later on, the news of her reaching there safely and being adopted by a family elated our hearts. However, Leelavati Devi was only one of them or to be precise one of the few of them who are rescued. What about others who are not?

In India The old age homes are the biggest examples of children abandoning their elderly. The concept of which was to only bring people of the same age closer and give them a happier time is now dumping centers. In India, The cold behavior of such kind of humans are a threat to the foundation of Indian culture and it’s transitions. No matter how much of a poor country we are tagged in the western countries we are always appreciated for our cultural heritage and sentiments.

No matter how much I talk about Indian values or standards the most important thing is to see these people living a life of orphans at an age In India where they were supposed to be content with love, respect, and gratitude.

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