“Where there is a will, there is a way”

Way Above locution perfectly befits the task done by the people of Assam. Where there is a will, there is a way.

Recently, the world gets acquainted with the splendid construction of the bridge done and dusted by the Assamese. The material they use while building this bridge is courage and unity.

The most impressive thing about the whole issue is that people haven’t sought any kind of aid or grant by the government. 

Residents were demanding a bridge on the river Jaljali for the decades but the government due to her dereliction attitude was silent. After not getting any response from the government native people decided to stand and started collecting money for the purpose of bridge construction. From the entire collection, they get approximately Rs.1 crore which seemed enough for bridge construction. Way Then, without wasting their precious time preparing for preparation they start the construction work in 2018 which gets completed by this year i.e. 2020.

Assamese-NewsORB360 way

The bridge constructed upon river Jaljali way and is wooden in nature. For the construction purpose, more than 7000 people came together from approximately 10-12 villages and raised funds.

Assam has been a state having indefinite relief which makes an arduous task for her people to perform their daily routine work. Apart from inundated terrain, Assam is also a flood-prone area due to the huge amount of water and silt brought by one of the largest rivers of the world, Brahmaputra. Way During the flood, it became an impossible task for natives to evacuate at a safer place due to the absence of river bridges and other similar infrastructure. The government at its level also haven’t proved to be active regarding infrastructural development of the state. Way Both the situation leads to a sense of self – independence among the people of Assam. This wasn’t the first time when people of Assam get their work done by themselves but there are several self – made bridges, barrages around the state which didn’t seek government aid. 

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This kind of attitude among citizens will not only provide concrete to infrastructure but also to the accountability of government and Democracy at large. Where people expose the government in front of everyone for not being responsible and accountable. It will expose their failure of not working according to the need and demand of citizens and also sets an example where responsible and self-willed citizens are proved to be the key to development and prosperity. States having low or no infrastructure should definitely learn from Assam that the Process of development does not depend upon the mercy of personals sitting in Assembly or Council but it is the people who decide the future and took the responsibility by driving instead of getting driven. 

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