What Went Wrong in Italy?

Italy As the lockdown begins to ease out in Italy (one of the countries that were worst hit by Covid-19), the country looks back and reflects upon what went wrong and what they could’ve done.
For one, lockdowns were implemented too late. This was due to political and economic reasons. Workers were afraid of losing their jobs and big firms resisted the lockdown. Secondly, Italy has a huge population and Lombardy has an especially large population of people older than 65; and hence, extensive budget cuts over the past years resulted in a shortage of ventilators (leaving about 8.5 ventilators for 100,00 people) and testing kits. Due to the lack of medical infrastructure, people weren’t tested until they showed extreme symptoms. Many had to consult private doctors instead of public hospitals. They were forced to not go to hospitals until it was too late. Italy Those in recovery were sent to nursing homes, exposing the senior citizens to the virus, endangering them.


All these factors culminated in a rapid increase in the number of cases of Covid-19 in Italy, the humungous death rate, and the huge amount of despair that came with it.

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