WAYS Makeup is the icing on the cake of any look. A glam look can jazz up any day and fetch head turns and tons of compliments. WAYS Also, what better place to derive inspiration from other than web series and shows?

If you’re a makeup junkie and your day begins WAYS with a dash of makeup and ends with a bomb skincare routine, these are the shows you cannot miss.

Orange-NewsORB360 WAYS

Orange is the New Black
This Netflix Series taking place in the WAYS New York women’s prison will set DIY goals. Piper Chapman played by Taylor Schilling is sentenced to prison for involvement in drug dealing. In the unexpected setting, the prisoners will adopt extreme measures to prevent prison from wearing down their appearance. WAYS From curlers to lip balm, there is a hack for everything and you can learn it now!

Riverdale-NewsORB360 WAYS

In the series adaptation of Archie comics, we not only find WAYS teen drama, romance, friendship and sinister plot, but it also sets a high bar for makeup statements too. From smokey eyes, nude looks to the dash of red gloss the series pull off one the best casual preppy looks that inspire college and school goers.

Euphoria-NewsORB360 WAYS

Premiered on HBO in 2019, this American teen WAYS drama has a catchy the storyline of struggling high school students and their troubles revolving friendship, love and sex. Zendaya who
plays Rue Bennett is a drug addict. Besides the catchy storyline and drama, what catches our eye is Doniella Davy’s artistry in portraying each character through their make-up. Loud
eyes, glittery teardrop, embellished neon looks are the part of the emotional drama that characters go through.

A great inspiration for dramatic looks for every mood, WAYS it has caught the eyes of most makeup enthusiasts. After all that a better way to express oneself other than makeup?

Pose-Netflix-NewsORB360 WAYS

A story that can inspire you to brace yourself is what Pose is. From exploring the taboos about LGBTQ+ community to ballroom culture in the 1980s this show WAYS ticks all the boxes when it comes to sensational looks and harnessing glamourous lifestyle because ‘ballroom is just a way of life’. An array of looks that are out of the box, bold, and challenging, Pose WAYS sets the serious
benchmark when it comes to breathtaking looks. Loads of shine, shimmer, and perfectly arched brows, this show makes our heartbeat with each click of their heels.

GLow-NewsORB360 WAYS

If 80’s look holds a special place in your heart you just cannot miss Glow. With Alison Brie playing Ruth Wilder, viewers are introduced to the world of the comedic WAYS drama of an out of work actress. Glow perfectly brings before us the glam of 80s, the perfect vintage look, over the top hairdo, metallic lips to gold-laden eyelids. If you’re the one who explores beauty signatures of different eras, this is the inspiration for you.

Glow-Up-NewsORB360 WAYS

Glow Up
If you’re waiting for a reality show to revolve around the creative WAYS world of contours, blush, and lip color, your wait is over. This reality show gives the opportunity to aspiring makeup artists to get fame for their breathtaking art by competing against each other. The show will not only entertain you but actually teach you some valuable hacks and tricks. If you want to step up your makeup game and be acquainted with every eye-catching trend, don’t miss the show!

A bad day? Job interview? Broken heart? Anything can be patched WAYS up by a rejuvenating makeup session. Don’t lose the WAYS opportunity to polish your skills this summer and learn from the web series!

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