How many times have you seen watches one of your favorite celebrity wearing one of those timepieces that made your jaw drop and knowing its price tag reminds you of someone’s mobile number.

Last year, when the Indian all-rounder, Hardik Pandya, underwent surgery, netizens went crazy on his super expensive watch which he brandished inside the OT.

While youth icons like Hardik may be seen flipping their watches, there remain some personalities who have been seen sporting the same watch now for a long time but their classiness remains eternal.

While some people may consider this watches to be overrated and something that this is just one of the bizarre spendthrift habits of the ultra-rich but generally we often fall in confusion on what differentiates a watch that may be available at street vendors for 200-300 rupees and a watch that costs more than lifetime savings of an average Indian household as ultimately they have to display time.

Here are some reasons which differentiate this masterpiece watches from the mundane.

Calibre or movement is the mechanism that facilitates the watches to move in a particular flow and keep time. A watch has two types of maneuver, namely, mechanical and quartz. Mechanical watches are those watches which utilizes a spring and allowing it to be very operative to precision, while Quartz watches are those timepieces which are commonly available in the market and runs on a battery.

The latter has a low cost of production but it is extremely doleful when it comes to tracking the movement of seconds and milliseconds. It also lacks longevity unlike to which mechanical watches have a very tough resistance which makes it a long term affair and therefore it automatically spikes the price to skyrocket.

Secondly, these mechanical watches were designed to act as tools rather than being a piece of our day to day attire. This meant the built this watches very complex and involved parts designed especially for extreme conditions. Therefore, while the mass market watches were designed so as to display time, these tools were more particular produced to work underwater or in the outer space and in other conditions to work in areas of high radiations and magnetic fields, While the common watches may face difficulties in operating in extreme conditions, these watc hes are designed so as to suffer the test of time.

This leads to extremely high quality wat ches produced only in a very small amount thus further pushing the price upwards.

Lastly, the factor that adds to both the aforementioned factors is the legacy of both the watchmakers and the owner of these watches.

Coming to watchmakers, there are entities in watchmaking for even more than a century! There have been firms who have specialized and acquired a different place in the league of watchmakers, the watc hes produced by these firms have even celebrated their hundredth birthday.

Now, coming to owners of these wat ches, these mechanical wa tches owing to their long lives could be passed on from one generation to another. This makes it possible to have these wa tches passed on as legacy among the family line.

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