THE EXPECTED POST PANDEMIC SCENARIOS, COVID-19 has indefinitely altered our lives. As much as we hope that things will go back to normal in no time, we have subconsciously accepted that things may not exactly go back to as they were. What are the major changes to be expected?

Massive Economy Crash and Unemployment- The economy will indefinitely get hit all across the world and even a depression could be expected. With the supply chain being jeopardized, there won’t be a need for high production which would make companies lay off employees. Especially for countries like India where the unemployment rate is approximately 34%, this will affect young individuals massively.

Mental effect on Healthcare workers- This pandemic is nothing less than a war for humanity. And that would mean there would be expected casualties. Very similar to PTSD experienced by soldiers after World Wars, our soldiers of this war against the virus, that is, the health care workers would go through severe PTSD. This prediction is not baseless can be confirmed by the fact that anxiety levels among doctors, nurses, and other health care personals have been recorded to have increased multifold already.


Difference in our lifestyle- One of the most challenging endeavors of our lives would be getting used to a lifestyle with this virus being a permanent part of it. And to do that there must be certain very intricate difference to our way of living.

i) Curb on our freedom- There will be an evident curb on our freedom to travel, meet up, and order our essentials. Especially India with its extremely high population would perhaps see a change in traveling techniques with a more sparse and safer environment where people can maintain distance and hygiene. Also, easy gathering, embraces, and unsanitary eating conditions would be of huge concern to most.
ii) Paranoia and anxiety- Most people would be laced with paranoia and deep-set anxiety of illness which could affect their social behavior and often their peace of mind. That could make them ultra conscious of every signs of possible contamination. Being comfortable at public gatherings may be an issue for most of us for a while. An amazing way to deal with such anxiety would be mediation and other therapeutic activities.


iii) Personal hygiene- Our standard of hygiene would be raised. Masks, gloves, sanitizer, washing hands for 20 seconds, utmost separation of indoor and outdoor clothes, keeping shoes limited to outside, strengthening immunity are few of the multiple measures people have adopted during the pandemic. Living with the virus would probably change these measures to a permanent lifestyle.

Government initiatives-
i) Upgrade healthcare facilities- One of the major changes that Governments throughout the world can bring is up-gradation of healthcare facilities. Providing enough kits, equipment, a healthy environment, proper training, and higher living conditions to resident doctors are basic of what a government can do for the healthcare department.


ii) Immunity pass- As suggested, an immunity pass should be issued that would determine someone’s possibility of getting a job on the basis of their immunity. Along with education and experience, and immunity pass check should be a part of an interview for any job or even for traveling. After the UK almost finalizing this agenda, other countries have followed suit. All in all, this is a war for all of us and we shall all conquer it eventually with positivity, health care, and kindness.

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