What are Bollywood star kids are doing during the nationwide Lockdown?

The nationwide lockdown has maintained social distancing but not social media distancing. What are your favourite celebrities doing? How they are spending their days in lockdown? And many people want to know their relationship with their children. So here is what your star kids doing?

Twinkle Khanna with her Daughter Nitara Kumar

Author Producer and former actor Twinkle Khanna reviews how she picked up sewing, painting and sewing while at the same time growing up. While she got these abilities at her grandma’s place as a kid, Twinkle took to Instagram to post a video catching how she took a stab at weaving after very nearly 20 years. She also showcased her make-up skills and taught her daughter too they shared some amazing time that set mother-daughter goals.  

Meera Rajput with her Daughters

She shared photos of her little youngster dear baby, Misha, spoiling her. The little munchkin assumed the part of a cosmetologist by giving her mom a spoiling meeting. The little one can be seen playing with her mom’s hair and an adorable smaller than expected toy hairdryer is additionally kept right close to her.

Tollywood actor Allu Arjun with his daughter

Father’s Equation with his girl is one of the most appreciated bonds on the planet. Tollywood entertainer Allu Arjun’s bond with his little child young lady is the verification of the equivalent. The Race Gurram entertainer has been holding onto some excellent minutes while he invests quality energy with family during the Covid lockdown.

Shweta Tiwari with her son

Television star Shweta Tiwari diverted her inward “hairdresser” to give her child Reyansh Kohli a hairstyle in the midst of the 21-day lockdown because of the episode of Covid in the nation. Shweta took to Instagram, where she shared a photo of herself alongside her 3-year-old child. In the photo, Shweta can be seen with a towel folded over her head while she readies her child for a hairstyle.

Saif Ali Khan and Taimur

Entertainer Kareena Kapoor has shared a delightful photograph of her better half Saif Ali Khan and their child Taimur from the lockdown. The photograph shows Saif giving Taimur a hair style while the little one sits calmly however it. “Haircut anyone?” Kareena captioned the post. Saif is seen in his usual short white kurta and pyjama combo, with a pair of scissors in his hand. Near his legs, Taimur sits with hair wet, ready to get a makeover.

Soha Ali Khan and Inaaya

Soha Ali Khan opened up on how she goes through her daughter whole day Sharing the daily practice of Inaaya and how it keeps her occupied, Soha shared, “Inaaya is keeping her folks occupied. She is loaded with energy. She won’t let you stare at the TV, however, make you go around, and read stories for her. At last, you get worn out and cancel the day by 10.30 pm. We are up by 7 am and the standard beginnings. Some of the time you are not feeling incredible, but rather then you can’t be disturbed and furious before her as you would prefer not to set an awful model for her.”

As we as a whole battle to remain cooped up inside our homes, it is positively reviving to see VIPs attempting creative strategies to security with their little ones. Bollywood stars have been effectively spreading mindfulness about Covid and the significance of remaining at home. These stars are effectively utilizing web-based media stages by giving a sneak look of their day by day lives and how they are following the administration conventions carefully.

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