Web Series you can binge-watch to beat down the lockdown blues.

Web Series to Binge Watch, Apart from indulging yourself in quarantine crafts, honing your makeup and cooking skills and clearing every corner of your house ,  towards the  end of the day you need some refreshment/ entertainment too and by that, I mean binge watching tv shows.

Web Series you can watch on Netflix

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In light of the books of a similar name, “You”  is truly a thrill ride. Each episode makes the audience sit as eager and anxious as ever for the next episode.   JOE GOLBERG ( Protagonist), who Web Series is obsessed with Guinevere  remains determined in getting rid of any hindrances that keeps her from loving him , which includes stalking and  even committing  homicides It is a blend of extraordinary acting and superb scriptwriting.  To reveal to you  more about this show is to ruin the thrill, so feel free to look at it for yourself.

MONEY HEIST(la casa de papel)

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In simple words,it is a treat for MYSTERY/ THRILLER/ CRIME lovers. The much hyped show these days, LA CASA DE PAPEL Web Series has all the masala the Indian watcher appears to appreciate — action, romance , humor, suspense, smart thought, captivating characters and a detailed plot. With 4 seasons streaming on netflix, it is an anecdote about a bank theft arranged by a driving force who is called ‘the professor’, who recruits and trains a bunch of 8 people to pull it off.

Shows you can watch on AMAZON PRIME

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A co-creation of BBC Studios and Amazon Studios, Web Series this six-part series adapts the dream novel of a similar name. The arrangement follows a holy messenger and a devil ,    who accept that Earth ought not be ended by a looming apocalypse , and the Four Horsemen, who frantically need to achieve the end times. The pair must collaborate to forestall the climb of the Antichrist(an 11year old boy) and a war among paradise and damnation. It is one of a kind with multiple elements like  comedy , fantasy, action  and a noteworthy cast.

Made in Heaven

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A must watch Web Series with an amazing cast, gorgeous set and an intriguing storyline. It takes a dig at the current Indian society, focusing on major social issues and taboos like infidelity, class distinction , gay sex ,the unethical police brutality, and other realistic issues like family issues, marriage issues , debt by bride’s father and many other relatable events and issues. It is quite a gripping show with everything an Indian audience craves for.

Shows you can watch on Hotstar

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‘CHERNOBYL’ is Ecstatically remarkable Mini documentary Web Series which recounts to the tale of a catastrophe. This marvellous 5 episodes arrangement which nails each part with its mind-blowing Cinematography and eerie background Music to indemnify the Situations.


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Unparalleled and original storyline, that outperforms probably the best television comedies ever on TV. There are many things to adore about this series; from the tough and realistic experiences of life to the hilarious and comical  circumstances. This dark-humour show is A1 in its genre which makes it suitable for all kinds of audience.

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