Watch these amazing movies starring Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep has never disappointed her fans with her work over the span of her 43-year long career. The winner of numerous honorary awards has worked in over 50 movies and bagged her first award just after being one year into acting. She doesn’t stick to a specific genre and always succeeds in portraying her versatility. Here, we have listed some of her great works that you must watch-

⦁ The Devil Wears Prada
Directed by David Frankel, The Devil Wears Prada (2006) is based on a novel of the same name published in 2003. It revolves around a girl named Andy who becomes assistant of a fashion magazine’s editor, Miranda Priestly played by Meryl Streep. The role played by Meryl was deeply inspired by various distinct people including Mike Nichols and Clint Eastwood. Her marvellous acting was praised throughout and she even got nominated for the Best Actress in Oscars!

⦁ Julie & Julia
“Julia and Julie” is directed and produced by Nora Ephron. The storyline revolves around Julie Powell who is bored of her mundane life and is fond of cooking. She cooks 524 recipes from Julia Child’s cookbook. The role of Julia Child was played by Meryl Streep who acted marvellously and gave quite a realistic effect.

⦁ Kramer Vs Kramer
Directed by Robert Benton, in the movie, Ted’s wife departs from his life which gives him time to bond with his son but Joanne, his wife returns back with a great element of shock when she demands full custody of their son. Meryl Streep significantly played the role of Joanne and bagged the best supporting actress award in the Academy Awards.

⦁ Its Complicated
Its Complicated is a romantic comedy directed by Nancy Meyers. The storyline revolves around a divorced couple who start falling in love with each other again. However, the twist in the movie was that he had remarried. Meryl Streep played the role of the ex-wife who owned a bakery. She got nominated for the best actress in Golden Globe Awards for her remarkable performance in the movie.

⦁ The Iron Lady
In this movie, directed by Phyllida Lloyd, Meryl Streep was portrayed as Margaret Thatcher, The British Prime Minister. She played her role utterly well and reached far beyond the expectations of the audience. The storyline emphasis on her political life and her husband’s death.

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