Was Bihar Election “an issue-based”!

Bihar, Tejashwi Yadav and the new detachment of pioneers broke the fantasy that the youthful don’t do anything, or that they don’t comprehend the profundity of complex issues. It was the previous summer, a senior tactician connected with me to create a mission motto for Nitish Kumar. I had kept in touch with one for him five years back: “Bihar me bahar ho, Nitish Kumar ho”. I requested some an ideal opportunity to consider it, however in the wake of contemplating it over for about fourteen days, I said no. I was not persuaded. It was not originating from the heart this time.

Something has changed over the most recent five years. Nitish Kumar began an extremely high note, with endeavours for the training of young ladies and comparative measures. Yet, at that point, we stalled out in that limbo outside the city, as the entirety of his endeavours were coordinated to defend and secure his situation as the central pastor. Compare this with the youthful pioneers who have entered the scene in Bihar governmental issues, as Tejashwi (Yadav), Kanhaiya (Kumar of CPI), Chirag (Paswan of LJP) and CPI-ML pioneers Manoj Manzil, Sandeep Saurabh and Ajit Kushwaha. It is always debatable whether we need young leaders who have the enthusiasm to achieve and work or the senior leaders with experience. Where on one-hand a young leader and youth icon Tejeaswi Yadav proved to be an open-minded and a person who mould himself according to time, on the other hand, Nitish Kumar seemed to be more rigid and not open to criticism.

Tejashwi Yadav and the new unit of pioneers broke the fantasy that the youthful don’t do anything, or that they don’t comprehend the profundity of complex issues. Bihar was stuck in time travel, where nothing was evolving. The adolescent chiefs are attempting to shock Bihar out of this carelessness. I don’t have the foggiest idea the amount of this will convert into seats, however, it’s motivating for the normal Bihari. In this political decision, the adolescent chiefs spoke to expectation and Tejashwi Yadav was one of them. The expectation is rarely bursting and in your face like the sun. It’s a minuscule flash, similar to a match being lit in the all-out dimness. He comprehended that the pandemic featured the issue of joblessness in the state, and thus his guarantee of 10 lakh occupations. Joblessness has tormented Bihar for an incredibly, long time. A dominant part of traveller workers in the nation hail from Bihar. Tejashwi Yadav set the pitch for an issue-based political race. What’s more, regardless of the result, joblessness will keep on being a major thing. On the off chance that Tejashwi comes to control, he should convey on the guarantee, and regardless of whether the NDA wins, they, as well, should satisfy their guarantee.

When each vote count and those votes can change the future of Bihar. Is this the result which will lead Bihar towards a change?   

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