Want To Live Your Dream Wedding In A Given Budget? Here’s How You Can Do It

Dream Wedding, we all fantasize about a big fat wedding under the bed of stars, don’t we? A beautiful bridal gown that reminds every one of the Cinderella stories and the fairy tale castle where you walk the aisle hand in hand with the love of your life!

While all of us have our own version of a dream wedding, the fact that it does not require a heavy investment is often mythicized.

If you’ve been obsessing about your future dream wedding, here are a few unbelievingly exciting ways to live it under a budget. Let’s take a look!

Don’t ditch the dream
Weddings only happen once. Having said that, it’s a pity to wash away the beautiful wedding fantasies you have in the mind only to fit into a budget. But the truth is, it is your budget that should fit into your dreamy-wedding and not vice-versa.


With that in mind, here’s how you can achieve the goal, and live the day of your life just like you had imagined it.

Curtail the numbers
Intimate weddings are beautiful. The hassle of attending each guest or booking a massive banquet hall is immediately cut off from the list. To top it all, intimate weddings are low-stressed, cost-effective and always easy to maintain.


If you are the type who lusts the idea of an intimate wedding in an exotic destination, you can live the dream now! Remember, the lesser the guests, the more likely you are to have a never-seen-before kind of wedding under a budget.

Map out the venue
The age-old banquet halls and open lawns have now become a daily affair. If you want to give your guests a lifetime experience, book a venue that distinguishes your wedding from all others alongside catering to an affordable rate.


If you own a larger-than-life terrace or a beautiful garden, why would you schedule another venue? Embellish your own space with lavish décor instead of paying for an expensive location. This way, you can also focus on other important factors in your wedding that demand more attention.

Believe me, the extremely personal vibe that the place reflects is magical. There’s a reason why even Ambanis prefer their own residence, ‘The Antilia’ for all of their weddings and special ceremonies.

Downsize the investment decor
Why rain your precious money on investment décor if you can DIY them? Indulge your creative friends and cousins in creating out-of-the-box decorations, that traverses your wedding venue into a paradise on Earth.


Accentuate your venue with quirky DIY lights that will redefine each corner of your wedding venue. String lights and mason jar chandelier add a fairy touch to your fairytales wedding.

Alongside, the time that you spend with your cousins and friends during the preparations later becomes a memory to cherish lifelong.

What’s with the wedding dress?
A wedding dress is a dream. While most of us would not like to compromise on this one even a tad bit, but how about I say, I wouldn’t ask you to?


Every time you think of the D-day, apart from the dress, the one thing that overwhelms your heart is the thought of leaving your parents. Isn’t it? So, how about walking the day in your Mom’s legacy to showcase that you will carry her values to a new home? How about wearing your Mom’s wedding dress?

You can get the legacy furbished a little by redoing the polishes and customizing the sides a little. While you will flaunt your Mother’s age-old traditions, you will easily cut down on the final bill by Rs 50,000!

Dump the alcohol
So many of us tend to extend the bills unknowingly by serving alcohol at our weddings. But honestly, it is a pure waste of money. Alcohol isn’t just unfit for drinking on an auspicious occasion like a wedding but also allows many people to behave weirdly that doesn’t appear quite appropriate. It just spoils the mood.


Skip the alcohol instead. Invest in lip-smacking cocktails and delicious food that keep them glued to their seats forever. Remember, good food is the key to everyone’s heart!

Call your family makeup expert
You don’t necessarily need to spend tons on flawless wedding makeup. If you know someone from the family who can ace the makeup look for free, call them right away!


This will not only cut down on the excessive investment that would have otherwise pinched your pockets, but it will also enable you to have a good time experimenting with different styles for no cost at all. What better can it get?

Dreamy weddings are daunting but not impossible to live. With these tips and tricks to curtail the budget, you can always make your dreamy wedding feel like the best moment of your life with no hassle at all. What are you waiting for? Try them out now!

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