Villains That We Were Supposed to Hate (I Think)

Villains We have always been told that you’re supposed to hate villains and always root for the heroes. But every once in a while, we come across a show/movie that has such amazing villains, we end up on their team. Here’s a list of series/movies that made me feel that way-

1. Money Heist– It was obvious that this was going to be the first item on my list. A) because I love the show it’s amazing and B) because a lot of people fell in love with the professor and his gang. And we have no reason not to. Villains I mean take the professor for instance- how do you not fall in love with someone so smart and charming. Or Nairobi, so badass, but still so soft at heart. By the end of part one, the series even had the ‘good guys’ doubting whether or not they really were the good guys.

2. Pataal Lok- Do not lie, we were all rooting for the four villains to break out of jail. At least I was. By the end I wanted nothing more than Mary Lyngdoh getting out marrying the guy she wanted to marry; ok no, I wanted one thing more than I wanted that. I wanted for the sparkling water machine thing to break the market.

3. The Office- Now Dwight and Micheal Villains weren’t really ‘villains’ like we imagine them to be. They were just generally annoying characters who were meant to be unlikeable; but at some point, all of us got so invested in Jim and Dwight’s banter, Dwight kind of grew on us. I still don’t like Micheal that much, don’t @me.

4. Andhadhun- *spoiler alert* So Simmi, played by Tabu Villains is basically the bad guy in the film (one of the bad guys at least). She absolutely kills it in the films (along with everybody else), but still, by the time she pushed D’s an out the window, I’d started to think she was really badass!

5. Don- But like, he was the protagonist, and Villains Shah Rukh Khan, after all, you had to kinda like him.

That’s my list, if you know more, feel free to drop names in the comments section!

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