Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s Shikara sparks controversy, disappoints viewers

Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s next film, Shikara was expected to be a blockbuster after Parinda. This movie was the talk-of-the-town since it was first attempt that highlights the genocide of Kashmiri Hindus by Islamic terrorists. However, the Hindu-Muslim topic has led to a fresh controversy now.

The movie that hit the theatres on the 7th of February is being critically condemned by the Hindus who believe that it does not do justice to the cause.

Defense Journalist and famous researcher, Divya Razdan speaks against the film and says,

When we heard that a director is finally going to show our tragedy, my interest in it grew. At the time of the trailer, we had some questions in our minds, yet we thought that we would wait for the film. Today we saw this film, Sushil Pandit was also present with me. But there was no talk of the massacre of Kashmiri Pandits anywhere from the first scene of the film to the last. Instead, there was only one lover in the film. This is also fine because it is your film and you have the right to show….”

Basically, Divya Razdan stands against the director for his safe stance in the film and watering down Islamic terror. The video of Divya Razdan where she was interviewed by a journalist went viral on social media. Millions of people who agreed with her felt the urge to join the controversy and fight against the injustice that the film is availing

While Bollywood did not have the courage to touch the subject of the film for so many decades, Vinod thinks that his film will be highly appreciated by viewers when they watch it.

The vintage and traditional theme of the film that so closely deals with the sensitive matter of Kashmiri Hindus and Muslims were actually bound to capture the controversial attention. Let’s hope it does well anyway! 

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