US A week back The United States had given a huge statement of exiting the WHO which the trump administration definitely didn’t think this through like half of the things they don’t think about. Taking the recent epidemic into consideration, such a move could have endangered the fight against the disease for other countries which are dependent on the WHO. The United States US has been the highest funder of the world health organization. If the United States withdraws the financing and expertise from the WHO, then it is believed that there can be a resurgence of deadly diseases like polio and tuberculosis which the WHO has spent years trying to curb.

Now Recently the United States said that they will consider joining the WHO again if the WHO reforms its ways and end its corruption and reliance on China. The WHO has also been accused of sharing inaccurate information to the world about the coronavirus pandemic which had further led to the action taken by the united states. President Trump had said earlier that the money which the united states invested to fund WHO will be diverted to other public health international bodies which are free from corruption without the intervention of any international

The United States has been claiming that the US coronavirus which has killed so many people around the world was originated in a Chinese lab in Wuhan city and accuses the world health organization of hiding it. This is not the first time that the WHO has faced criticism about its transparency and funding but this is the first time that a developed country withdrew its funding from the organization.

The United States had contributed about 15% of the US WHO’s funding to eradicate polio and about 32% of the who’s funding to eradicate tuberculosis which shows how valuable the united states are to the international organization. This funding is needed more with the corona
pandemic and the resurgence of Ebola in US Africa which is equally a danger for the united states. With the loss in attention towards other diseases its also feared that other diseases might resurge in countries and hence the expertise of the united states is needed.

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